Finding a travel agent nyc help with accessible needs

My husband and I are will be celebrating our one year anniversary in July of 2023 and we wanted to go someplace really nice and wanted to see if we can get a travel agent that can try to find something really nice for us to go. Alsobthings to do when we get there.

thank you in advance for all your help

Your going to new york city?

Hi @jacqueline.jones129 ! That sounds so fun. I love New York City - probably one of my favorite places to visit. You’re in luck, with such a popular destination, there are a ton of resources on accessible things to do in NYC.

We have a wealth of information on our site - linked here - that you should check out! Where to stay, things to see, etc. There are a few forum posts on NYC as well. And make sure to check out accessible hotels on our site. When you book through us, we’ll call the hotel and ensure you are getting the accommodations/accessibility needs you booked.

I have a friend who is a travel agent, and she might be interested in helping you. Her facebook page is called Tranquil Travels by Brandi. My mom and dad lived in NYC in the early 80’s. My mom actually worked for the World Trade Center. There are 1000’s of things to do. I have never been to NYC, but if it was me, I would love to go to Times Square, Central Park, the 9/11 museum, and see Broadway musical. I also would like to get up really early, put a black dress on, and eat breakfast at the jewelry store Tiffany’s. When do you want to go?