Finding it difficult to travel, have suggestions?


From a member of our community:

I’ve been diagnosed with ALS, I currently use a walker or my husband pushes me in a wheelchair. We are finding it very difficult to travel period! First of all, the hotels rarely have roll in shower available and if they do they are inadequate for my needs. The airlines are understaffed to be of any help, they just don’t get it. We want to enjoy travel while I can still “move”. We are open to suggestions, thanks .


Hi! So glad you want to travel! When you say roll-in showers are inadequate for your needs, you may want to consider what this means for you. If they are too small or you need a shower chair, you may want to check with the hotel before you book it to see what
they specifically can offer. In terms of your airport travel, when you book your tickets, ask for assistance and be as specific as possible about what you need. For example, do you need help through the airport, help with your bags, or specific seats? Answering
these questions for youself may be helpful.


Ofzerna, If you are traveling within the United States, we have found Holiday Inn Express to be very accommodating with roll-in showers and larger room. The Hilton is also a great choose. When making your reservations online make sure to update your customer profile with specifics of what you need such as roll-in shower. Might I suggest you consider renting an AirBnB, which would give you more room to get around.

International lodging is another story all together. I’ve just spent the better part of 4 months trying to arrange accessible lodging for a trip to Europe. I ended up renting 2 AirBnB’s and a hotel where I was able to acquire a room on the street level. This did take sending an email to the hotel explaining my situation. There are many companies that will assist you with booking accessible travel, including lodging, tours, transportation. One such company is Best of luck on successful travels.


I cannot answer for the hotels. But for the air travel the airports and airlines have been more than accommodating for my wife, most of the time she travels alone. We request when we purchase the ticket that she will need assistance and every time there is someone there waiting for her with a wheelchair and to help with her carry on luggage, and take her to her connecting flight, and even helping her to get something to eat if necessary.she is generally helped to be seated on the plane also. We just request it when ordering the tickets. Now, true, we only use certain airlines and stay in certain hotels.


You have to ask about a roll-in shower. Most U. S hotels are pretty good due. Southwest Airlines is very helpful.

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We fly with Delta… — Most airports and airlines should have help for you… When you are checking in with any airline call ahead – they should have someone waiting to help you out. We are going to try home 2 suites by Hilton, We did have some issues when booking at a few places since they thought we only booked room for the space. Call the Hotel Directly. When we flew Delta we had no issues but we also flew first class to give hubby more leg room.


May I suggest that you purchase a scooter. I started using a Pride GoGo scooter, before that my husband had to push me in my wheelchair. When flying, I contact the accessible department of the airline letting them know I will be traveling with a dry cell battery scooter. I make arrangement with ADA cabs to take me to the airport. I drive the scooter up to the entrance of the plane, once I am inside, the scooter is taken down to the cargo department and is brought up to the plane upon arrival.

Have fun and enjoy