Finding the right kind of hotels on road trips

My husband and I are both now on walkers due to some serious mobility issues. We live in Baton Rouge but have made only 2 out of town trips in the last 10 years. One was to a wedding in Houston and the other was to drive to Baltimore to take a cruise up to New England. We were able to stay with friends on our way to and from the cruise. I had ADA cabin on the cruise. My husband was not on the walker then but had back issues and past surgeries which made it difficult handling the baggage. I was still able to use a cane most of the time but should have brought a rolling walker instead of the transport walker. I would like to be able to do some limited travel especially to a family wedding in Chapel Hill in October but have found it difficult to get information on hotels enroute and for the wedding. I would like some advice on how to get the needed information on hotels with walk-in showers and hopefully one with either adjustable beds or recliners that can be used instead of the bed. I don’t want to fly since we would have to travel without help.

I prefer to stay at Hampton Inns, because they are the only hotel chain that consistently has beds low enough to get into easily. Hampton Inn is a Hilton property, so what i do to make travel plans is go to the Hilton website, fill in the info for dates and city… and a bunch of Hilton properties in that city will show up…pick one (I usually choose a Hampton Inn) and click on “hotel website” …once there, choose the “make reservation” icon and three room choices will pop up: regular rooms, adjoining rooms, or accessible…click on “accessible” and there will be a whole bunch of options at that hotel (bed sizes, views ,etc)…choose one that says “mobility” and R/I shower (roll-in shower)…(be aware that accessible rooms can also be for hearing impaired or visually impaired people so make sure you choose “mobility”)…then just fill in your name and credit card info and you are all set!! It’s very easy!

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Hi @snewsham and @mannettedenise - thank you for your posts! Regarding finding a hotel that has the accessibility features that you need, we at accessibleGO would be more than happy to help by contacting the hotels on your behalf. We can even ask the hotels for pictures to confirm all in advance of your booking.

Feel free to email me directly with specific hotels that you have in mind and your accessibility needs.

Hi. I would plan your route, see what hotels are in each stopping place and call the hotel you want to book direct. Ask for ADA rooms, ask about beds, etc. I have mobility issues also and have had good luck booking via each hotel personally. I always take down all the information like name of person who helped me book, date and time I booked, ask for confirmation email to be sent detailing my accessible room. Good luck and enjoy.

Hi @snewsham! First off, welcome to accessibleGO! We are happy to assist. I’m Emily, and I’m a wheelchair user myself and I love to travel. Also, I’m from the Houston area!!

When it comes to finding accessible hotels, it definitely can be a tricky task. On our site, we have up to 55 data points on over 6,000 hotels in 125 US cities. So you’re in luck there, LOL.

Anecdotally, I know Hiltons and Hyatts tend to be more accessible when it comes to roll in showers and general accessibility.

When it comes to adjustable beds or recliners, that’s one thing at accessibleGO that we are still trying to crack the code on. Because this is not apart of ADA requirements, we find that most hotels do not have this as an offering. We can do some research to understand if there’s a third party in Chapel Hill that has this offering, as we know some cities do.

Depending on your driving stamina, you could stop halfway in Atlanta and then do the second portion to Chapel Hill. Atlanta would likely have a plethora of options given that it’s a large city.

Happy to do more research, but wanted to share my thoughts!!

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