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Florida vacation, advice?

From a member of our community:

Planning a Florida vacation for my husband who is a wheelchair user, myself, and 6 & 7 year old daughters. Any advice?

We have lots of trip planning resources and ideas for Tampa, Orlando, and Miami including articles about the top accessible attractions, hotels, and a sample itinerary.
Here are the links to resources by city: Orlando - Miami - Tampa :smiley:

I spend 6 months here in Florida and six months up north. You need to ask a lot of questions, ask for pictures, before coming here. The local idea of what is required may not be anywhere near w?hat is needed. We live in a double wide trailer with a ramp and a shower I can use. We had ramp built, but shower was here. We need open spaces for my chair to move around. Less furniture is better for me. I use manual chair and walker inside and power chair outside.

Are you looking to do “touristy” spots like Dinsney or that type of thing? Or steer clear of those? If wanting Disney, I can give you some tips from pre COVID. Also Legoland. Minimal experience at Clearwater, but did find an accessible Pirate ship fun excursion there - just an afternoon thing.

Where are you going I am in a wheelchair and I live here in Florida by Disney. Let me know and I will give you all the correct info.

My advice, as a wheelchair user, is to research the area you are interested in visiting to see what accommodations they have for various things. I’m in Palm Beach County and we have some beaches that have the beach wheelchairs for use on a first come first serve basis. I think beachfront hotels have beach wheelchairs as well. Our public transportation is accessible, so that’s great. That’s all I can think of right now. Be safe! We are still dealing with Covid cases, so masks are required in all public places. Sit outside as much as you can or at least open air areas (especially for dining).

We just returned from Lauderdale-by-the-Sea w/our kids. We stayed at The Plunge Beach Hotel. Excellent roll in showers and you do not need a car. You can walk to restaurants, shops and grocery stores. We would definitely return.

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I hope this helps.

I’m an amputee that uses a scooter to get around. We did Orlando and a wedding in Jacksonville last October. My kiddos are 9 and 12. We did Universal when we were there. Happy to give suggestions. It was pre Covid. It sounds like the others on here know a lot with living there too. Have fun!