Fly or Drive?

I have MS and I am in a power chair.
I use a walker to get from power chair to bed and that is a struggle.
I use a shower chair in my walk-in shower.
I would like to fly or drive from NY to Orlando FL.
If I did fly. I would need:
To bring my power chair, walker and rent a shower chair. Is this possible?
If I drive (all my stuff would be with me), but my wife would have to do the full drive being that I don’t drive anymore.

Suggestions? Thank you


Good question. Since i love doing this stuff so i can know myself i will look that up.

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Good evening steve. I just google shower chair rental in Orlando fl. Yes you can rent them.


I would say drive; that way you have everything you need. It seems you won’t be staying in a hotel that will provide you with a shower chair.

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Sometimes the Ada rooms have shower benches. I would call and ask. There are 3 hotels I use that have them. Also, can you use a scooter? You can rent them and have it at the hotel waiting. Just make sure you ask for one with arms. The Hampton in. And suites have a roll in shower, shower bench lower counter and desks. And a huge room.


One alternative is the auto train out of Lorton Virginia. Your car gets loaded and you can get an accessible compartment. It is not cheap but it is fun and takes the strain off driving.


Isn’t it sort of up to your wife? You did not mention your ages. She may not feel like driving for a few days. Most chain hotels have shower chairs, you just need to request them in advance. If you fly, you know the bathrooms are not ADA accessible, and flight staff are not required to assist you from your seat to the bathroom.


Most hotels have shower chairs or benches available in accessible rooms with roll-in showers. Your best bet is to call the hotel directly to verify this.
I have flown from SC to Alaska and back and I took both my rollator style walker and my mobility scooter with me. The aurlines treats those as adaptive equipment and dies not charge for shipping them. Be sure to speak directly to the airline and maje ttem aware you must have this equipment with you and that you will need a wheelchair and someone to push it in order to board the plane. Try to get a direct flight so you will not need to change planes. I was able to fly from Savannah, GA to Seattle, WA then I retrieved my walker and my scooter at the aurport in Seattle. Be sure your chair or scooter has the type of batteries yhat are?allowed on planes and I chose to put 2 brand new batteries in my scooter si tgat I knew they were fresh and would retain a charge. I also took a spare set of keys to my scooter in case the airlines lost the set in the ignition. I folded down my scooter once I was in a wheelchair and showed airport personnel how to push it to roll it. It traveled with the luggage. My only heart stopping moment was when an airiihe employee walked over to my group of 10 who were traveking together and asked who owned the scooter. I identified myself and he said it won’t move. I am thinking oh no , I am 3,000 miles from home wuth a dead mobility scooter. I was able to use my walker to get to it. Furstcoff, they had put the seat on totally backwards and they still had the gear in neutral which allowed them to push it and roll it around. Once I poibted out those issues I was abke to yrabsfercto tte scooter’s seat, turn on the ignition and use my scooter to return to my traveling companions. My friend and roommate pushed tte rollator and it came in very handy as a trolley for our handheld totes.


Came here to ask just this, if a train would be an option. I’m not on the East Coast so I’m not sure how it works there, but I’ve done the Coast Starlight and the California Zephyr in the handicapped room with very few problems.

Hi @steve1 - As mentioned by other members, most hotels that have roll-in showers either have a shower chair or built in bench. We can verify this for you when you book a hotel.

In terms of renting other items - you can find resources for Orlando at this link (scroll down). Orlando is one of our Top 30 US Cities where we gathered accessibility resources and created city guides for.

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yes, we are driving. thank you

i have a permobile F3. i am in it from 7 until bed. a lot different than a scooter. i doubt i could rent one.
we will be driving.