Flying First Class because NO ROOM for 6' 6" person


strong textDoes accessibleGO have ANY option for airline travel First Class because my husband is 6’ 6" and can NOT fit in any of the ‘sardine’ seats on airlines. He has an enlarged heart and is not comfortable ‘squished’ in airline seats. Seems space keeps getting smaller and smaller on airlines.


Thanks for writing! We are working on adding first class options to our flight booking capability. We hope to have this live in the next few weeks. We will let you know as soon as it is available.


No room for a 6’1" person with lots of metal rods in their back either. Our trips are mostly by car now because it’s just too uncomfortable by plane.


When I arrive at ORD, by their commuter plane from Appleton, WI, how do I get assistance to get to my connecting gate?


Hi Suzee,

Thank you for your question.
Which airline are you flying?

Here’s a great article by one of our friends, on the O’Hare airport, what to expect and how to get what you need, which involves contacting your airline in advance, see end of the article:




Any news on First Class options for disabled seniors?

Susan Dominowski


Hi Susie,
Thank you for your question! We now offer first class booking options on our site.
If you see on this screenshot below, there are a number of options for class preference, now including first class, at the bottom of this drop down list.
If you book with us we will happily assist with your accessibility needs for your flight.


I see the First Class option. Do they have package deals? We are flying to PIT but we are renting a car and driving to Morgantown, WV. All the packages ASSUME you want to stay in PIT. We do not want to stay in PIT. We want to rent a car at the airport and drive to Morgantown, WV and stay at a hotel there. No online services get it. Do you know how to book a package and get a hotel other than where you are flying into.

Susan Dominowski


Hi Susan,

Thanks for your question! At this time we do not offer packages on, each travel item is handled separately so at this stage if you are using our platform you will book each one on its own.

thank you,


Thank you. I am not seeing any discount on our site from the other online offer sites.
Thank you,

Susan Dominowski


Thanks for your comment, yes, that’s correct. The discounts we offer through our travelers club called clubGO are for hotels only, not flights.