Flying with portable oxygen, is it possible to charge the battery onboard?

From a member of our community:

We want to take basically one more trip somewhere as we are getting older and require more Doctors. I have an Inogen portable oxygen machine I carry on my shoulder. The battery is good for 4 hours unless I can get to 12V or 110V. Do you know if commercial airlines offer either so that I can extend the battery to fly farther? If so, are connections normally close to seats or do you have to ask for such seats?

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Im flying with my inogen one g2. I was told to buy and extra battery. I was told there was no way to carge on board the flight. im flying on the 18th and bring chargers for the wheelchair and my oxygen. i plan to plug in at the gate while waiting and bring a car charger for my friends car on the other side. i have the double battery and get 8ish hours(2lpm). Might be good to get a spare battery and external charging station inogen makes.

I am not knowledgeable about oxygen but I always make sure the airline is aware that I am physically handicapped. I also request transportation within the airport if I have to change planes and have to go from one gate to another. Upon arriving at the airport I request assistance in getting a wheelchair to get to plane and if mo one is meeting me I request assistance in getting from plane to baggage claim and then ground transportation. When someone else makes your griund transportation arrangements be sure they tell car service that you are handicapped. Upon arrival in Seattle thankfully the car picking us up was a large SUV and could accommodate my walker but the driver, who also was the owner of the service, said no one had told him I was handicapped and that I would have a 4 wheeled rollator with me. I do know that the airports have charging stations throughout for cell phones, etc but know nothing about oxygen. I do remember a friend who was on oxygen telling me her pulmonologist gave her a booklet of local flights and altitudes because he told her she could not fly above certain altitudes.

I’ve seen International flights that have power plugs at the seats on a plane and I’ve seen them once on a domestic flight. I think it depends on which airline you’re flying and the model of plane that flight is on. I think you’d need to address this need specifically with the airline prior to booking your flight as sometimes they substitute a different plane .