Flying with portable oxygen

Can anyone provide info? I just started using portable oxygen concentrator. What are airlines rules?

Does your POC have a label on it that shows it meets FDA requirements?
From the final report on the Federal Register’s website (Federal Register :: Acceptance Criteria for Portable Oxygen Concentrators Used On Board Aircraft):

“In order to be used on aircraft, a label must be affixed to the POC indicating compliance with acceptance criteria pertaining to FDA clearance to market the device, hazardous materials, and RF emission limits. POC models identified in existing SFAR No. 106 satisfy the acceptance criteria and will be exempt from the labeling requirement. These POC models will continue to be identified in the regulatory text.”.

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I got you some info from the TSA website that lists which Portable Oxygen Concentrators they allow on-board. Definitely check out their webpage, but in case this saves some time for now; here is a list I see:

Positive Testing Results

Praying yours is one of the one’s on the list? I don’t want you to lose your travel availability!
Let me know? If not, we will come up with a Plan B for you to be able to still fly… no worries.

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