General feedback on UberWav, Lyft and regular wheelchair accessible taxis


Based on recent experience, what is your opinion on these service? The reviews are all over the map.I’m going to Austin and Houston which have AccessWAV. Austin has a local app called RideAustin. I’ve never tried these services, but my experience with getting a taxi at night is pretty pathetic.

For example, in Memphis I had to choose between showing an untrained driver using his buddy’s van how to use the ramp and riding not tied down or wheeling back to my hotel 10 miles away on dark, unfamiliar streets. After a heated argument, I figure each option had its own risks, so I chose the former.



I used Uber to and from an event back in December. Those were my first experiences using Uber. I use a walker and I ended up having to ride in the front seat with the driver while he put my walker into the back seat. The car going to the theater was rather small and the driver had to assist me in getting out of the car. On the return trip the driver had a larger vehicle but I still rode up front. It is my understanding that Uber is working on their app but right now there is no where to indicate if you have a disability or if you have a piece of equipment as in a walker or scooter or chair. I am not familiar with Lyft nor other car services.

I know that when I went to Alaska, I had 1 night in Seattle before heading to cruise port in Vancouver. I had my scooter and a 4 wheel rollator with me. Our travel group arranged for a large, handicapped accessible van to pick us up at the Seattle Airport and to take us to the hotel and the next morning the same van took us from the hotel to the cruise port in Canada. I have also traveled in the Caribbean and when on a cruise I use a scooter and a rollator and a cane. When leaving the ship I used the scooter and was able to get ground transportation from a handicapped accessible taxi. When we were in Cozumel, Mexico once we exited the cruise port the lady directing taxi cabs directed a van to me that could accommodate my scooter. I asked the driver for his card and when I was ready to return to the port I was able to call him to take us back to the ship. Otherwise I have been able to get around using my scooter. I do wish car services would consider disabilities especially those requiring equipment to accompany the rider


Sorry you had that experience. I use a rollator and braces. I had a bad experience with Uber and never used it again.

Are there any transportation services for the disabled in those cities? There’s one in N. Y. Not great but serves the purpose and drivers are trained! Good luck to you.


Does anybody know anything about the Downtown Dallas, Texas area?

My friend and I are going to a concert at the American Airlines Center in Victory Plaza and our hotel has a shuttle that will get us there but it shuts down before we will be ready to come back to the hotel. So, I guess that leaves us with some form of public transportation. Neither of us have ever used UBER or LYFT and if I can help it, I’m not riding the rail or walking the however many blocks at that time of night. People get killed in certain area;s of Downtown Dallas.

Can anybody offer any advice as to which is safer or maybe it would be better to just take an actual taxi cab?