Get to the hotel

I will be arriving in Alanya soon and the hotel is very far from the airport and unfortunately does not provide a car. So due to my physical condition, I decided to take an airport transfer here Alanya Transfers: Transfer Antalya Alanya | AtoB Transfer. No need to think about anything, they provide everything!

I think for users of this forum this will be very useful information as the service is really good and tested


Do airlines provide any extra considerations for seniors with a prothesis?? I want to fly to New Zealand in June.

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@tvilla99 this is a good question! I might post it to the forum as its own question, instead of only as a reply to this question here. That way, it’ll get seen by more people and hopefully get ore answers for you. :slight_smile:

@antoni1950ss thank you so much for sharing this great tip! it’s appreciated

Sounds like a plan. Thanks!

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