Go Anywhere Mobility Scooter

Last spring my mother and I traveled to Austria and Italy and took her new ATTO mobility scooter. It was fabulous. The scooter is FAA approved so you can take it on most airlines. It folds to the size of a carryon suitcase and has a travel cover (suit of armour) to protect it from harm. Assembly/disassembly takes about 1-2 minutes and it is VERY sturdy. Without ATTO Mom wouldn’t have been able to travel. Very highly recommended! You can find info about it at https://www.movinglife.com/. This is NOT an ad. I just really love this scooter and, as my own disability gets worse, I’m sure I will use it, too.

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Thank you for the feedback. Very much appreciated.

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Sounds fantastic - will it fit in a car trunk? How did you move around in Austria? Thanks so much for your report!!!

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ATTO fits easily into a car truck. It splits into 2 relatively light pieces (1 x 25 lbs, 1 x 35 lbs) so you don’t have to lift the whole scooter. Easy to assemble/disassemble.

We were only in Vienna this time but if we had been traveling around, we would have rented a car. The battery charger is dual voltage (and small) so it’s easy to take around the world.


Thanks for the info. The airline will allow you to bring on board commercial flights? How much did you pay to purchase?

Awesome…But, some of these are so very expensive.

Thank you for you info.