Going to Castle rock Colorado in June

Hi everyone, I’m a Blind Mom with a Pre-teen with Autism and who is also intellectually delayed and has other disabilities. We C will be going to Castle Rock Colorado in June From Austin Texas to visit my oldest daughter we will also be staying with her, does anyone know if the airport is accessible to people with handicaps they’ll see my child and assume shes capable to assist when she’ functions at a 4 yr level. Plus is there anything to do that’s autism friendly. My oldest just moved to Colorado less than a year still trying to find things out. Please help

Hi! I’m assuming it is the Denver, Colorado airport.
They have Meet and Assist Services there that will assist you with any special needs you have. It is a free service.
Need to contact the airport and make arrangements at least 2 days before traveling.
Either call the airport or
E-mail DEN.Concierge@flydenver.com
Hope this helped. Enjoy your trip!

yes ma’am, thanks Ill look into that Thanks is there any thing to do that’s is autism friendly

Have you considered horseback riding? There are reports that Autistic children enjoy the motion and the feel that they are in charge.
There are stables Stables that offer guided rides for the handicapped, Colorado Horsepower is one that is highly regarded and in the area.

Thank you I am aware of hippotherapy , however it does take time especially if were only visiting and our insurance is not in Colorado. I apricate the thought perhaps we can look into just horseback ridding … she does love horses :slight_smile:

Hi Mom! It’s Pinky :fairy:, one of your Forum Moderators. I saw that someone already helped you out with the Denver airport information (Thank you ajw89113); and I wanted to see if I could help with some activities for you while visiting. I tried to keep things within an hour or less for driving (mostly 30 or less), it was just tricky because there were so many things in Denver and Colorado Springs; that they seem to have neglected the children who live in between (mostly). I got lucky with a few that turned out to be near where you’re going to be.

Now I know what you listed about your daughter, but I always try not to make any assumptions about anyone’s capabilities or any of the programs’ accessibility for all. So there may be some activities that are not exactly what you are looking for and I apologize. Perhaps they may also help out some of our other readers who also visit Colorado? I found you a Horse-riding therapy center very close by to you too:

I know there must be more out there, Colorado is so great with children’s programs; however I wanted to get you a list already to help you with your planning this summer. Really hope you will come back and share with us which programs you end up trying while out there? (Won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t try any of my suggestions…I promise) Would be so helpful for the other parents out there planning trips like yours. Especially since the internet is not as well organized as they promised it would be…lol.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with? It’s my Pinky pleasure.

  • Have a great trip. :flight_departure:

  • Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

  • -Russell :kissing_heart:

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