Going to Colorado in the summer

Hi everyone, I’m a Blind Mom with a Pre-teen with Autism and who is also intellectually delayed and has other disabilities. We C will be going to Castle Rock Colorado in June to visit my oldest daughter we will also be staying with her, does anyone know if the airport is accessible to people with handicaps they’ll see my child and assume shes capable to assist when she’ functions at a 4 yr level. Plus is there anything to do that’s autism friendly. My oldest just moved to Colorado less than a year still trying to find things out. Please help

Hi! Will you be flying in and out of the Denver airport? Almost all airports have staff that can assist you, you would need to tell them your needs. On the website, there is a full section dedicated to accessibility services that the airport offers. It does say that if you need something more robust, to call ahead to ensure your needs are met. Happy Traveling!

Thanks,yes I believe it’s Denver airport. I’ll check that out than my s gii out r the info. God Bless