Grants for walk in tubs

My husband and I have purchased an Ida hurricane damaged home which we are renovating. We must replace the tub with a walk-in tub. We have met with someone from Safestep. Is there a grant for walk-ins?

Hi Infospec,
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Congratulations on your new home and ambitious project. (Kinda jealous).

Originally, I wasn’t sure how I could be of help with your enquiry, because I did search this one out for myself years ago. The reality is, there are few ways in this country to get funding for a walk-in tub. (And I’m afraid your gonna be mad at me when I share the limited options I found?)

1.) If the person happens to be a Veteran? There seems to be local Veteran organizations for people with disabilities in every major area now, and they may have a grant for helping with essential needed home renovations to make homes more accessible for veterans.

2.) Crowdsource online: I have seen people raise money for everything on here and it has much larger reach than any other fundraising tool because you will get help from people all over the world.

3.) Local fundraiser: it always sounds like a terrible idea, but how many times have you heard people in your community want to offer help and not know how? This is their chance and also a shocker to see how much your community will support you.

Sadly, that’s all she’s got on that one to help. I’m sorry the options aren’t that great for this need. Mostly we are lucky if the insurance will pay for a shower chair/bench for us. Hoping one of our other members will be around soon to offer some better advice.

Please let us know if can be of any other assistance (my specialty is travel advice, but have enough lived experience to be able try with some of these advice questions)?

Good luck with your new home and please let me know if I can be of any help?
-Pinky :fairy: