Great experience at Desoto State Park Lodge in Fort Payne, AL


From Donna, a member of our community:

I just spent a few days at Desoto State Park Lodge in Fort Payne, Alabama and had a wonderful, relaxing time. I am in a power chair and it is often difficult to find activities that the chair can get to or through. At Desoto Lodge, there are handicap accessible rooms that open on to a deck with a beautiful view. There is also a boardwalk that goes at least a 1000 feet into the woods that end at a beautiful waterfall. Not far from the lodge is Little River Canyon that has a long ramp that leads you down to the area’s big waterfall. It is gorgeous blue and green water that has a cool, crisp mist that floats in the air and gently coats your face.

The lodge has a restaurant that serves delicious meals and free breakfast if you are staying at the park. They also have cabins for families. However I did not ask if they were handicap accessible, but I believe there are some. As for my Bi-ped partner, there are many trails that hikers can travel into the woods and take pictures of the beauty and bring back for me to see.

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Thank you so much for sharing this, Donna!

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