Group Tours for Seniors

From a community member:

I am a senior who walks with a cane so the pace of walking and the type of terrain or building can be an issue…with help I can do it…my question is are there groups where people of similar disabilities are grouped together for excursions (older adults with mild to moderate disability)?

I share your question! I can walk only short distances using a cane or a walker. I traveled extensively before back trouble grounded me. Now I’m looking for travel that can accommodate my slow pace or use of a scooter. Thanks.


I am interested too. Following

I am also interested in group tours.

Add me to that group. I am limited on my walking, therefore use a mobility scooter. I can go up a few steps of stairs, but not an entire floor. Maybe a travel group will see this and consider make up a tour!

Hey everyone, it’s Pinky :fairy: again; one of your friendly neighborhood Forum Moderator’s. What a great topic! I’d love to share with you a few Accessible tour companies that I know of that offer special trips for people of all abilities levels. Not necessarily for seniors-only, but you’d be safe for Accessibility.
These are not the only groups out there and there may be ones more specific to what you are looking for out there.

1.) Travel For All - A full service agency that has trips planned all over the planet. Check out their Destinations page to see all the trips they have planned, but also can help you schedule a group trip if you would rather do it that way.

2.) Easy Access Travel - Your Accessible Cruise Specialist. They have not posted their 2023 trip schedule yet, but you may want to reach out to them to see if any of this has been booked up for the upcoming future. Cruising is great for folks with Mobility issues because your hotel does all the moving and they all seem to have accessible excursions in most of the port of call now.

4.) (For my Visually Impaired members) TravelEyes: “Described as the world’s first commercial tour operator providing independent group travel for people who are blind or partially sighted”.

5.) Tapooz Travel - Don’t know a lot about this company, but they have some accessible tours to some beautiful global locations.

Hopefully that can get you started for now? If you still are not seeing anything of interest in there, let me know? I also live in a 55+ and in the lobby, we have some travel guides for things like “Senior Bus Tours” and “Senior Train Tours”, etc…; and I will go grab you that info (just not sure how accessible they are vs. just groups of seniors),

I will keep looking for some other ideas for your too. No Worries,
-Pinky :fairy: