Group travel with a scooter


Has anyone had a problem with a group tour company refusing to let you bring a scooter with you? I have a light weight foldable scooter that I need to take, but the travel company I wanted to book with said they would not allow any motorized aids. Only fold up walkers were allowed.


I take my power chair with me when we fly


We can be no help here as we use a wheelchair and that is not ever been an issue with airplanes or cruise ships. Good Luck.


Have never had that issue. Have traveled as far as Alaska from the east visit and no problem. Airline shipped my scooter and my 4 wheeled rollator as adaptive equipment at no charge. I used a folding cane on board airplane and someone pushed me in a wheelchair in each airport we used. Upon arrival in Seattle we were not by a 15 or so passenger bus and he had a lift for the scooter. He drifted Walker with luggage. Next morning Dane vehicle drove us to the port in Vancouver, BC where my friend and I boarded our ship for first week of trip. At end of cruise a bus picked up a group of about 30 from the ship and then drove us into Anchorage where we spent the night at the Hilton. This jus was able to accommodate both my scouter and walker under the bus line luggage. They designated first two rows of seats on each side for handicapped seating and the bus was one that kneeled in that the steps hydraulically lower so you can easily step onto them . We had a young man who was osrspkegic in our group and he was confined to a power chair. Anout 3/4 of the way towards the rear of the bus it opened and an elevator dropped down to pick him up, chair and all. Once inside the bus a group of seats were slid together and out of the way and they were able to secure his power chair to the floor of the bus. The next morning we were picked up at the hotel and taken to meet our train as we were traveling to Denali by train. My Walker went with the luggage but they brought my scooter to me to ride to the boarding spot. Once again a elevator cane down from the rear 1/4 of the railcar and took me up to the lower level as the train had two levels. Then they brought up the young man in his chair. On that level was a restaurant, a handicapped accessible restroom, a gift shop, a set of stairs to the upper level and yet another elevator. I opted to leave my scooter parked on the lowrl level and with my cane I used the elevator to go to the second level which was the observation level. Complete 360 degree panoramic view with airplane tyoe seating with lots more leg room. They brought the young man and his chair up in the elevator and also had the same type mechanism as the bus for securing his chair to the floor. On that level we had a guide and depending on the time of day, a cocktail waiter or waitress.

I was traveling with a group from Savannah, GA and American was our airline. Holland Anetica owned the cruise line and the train and most of the hotels we used during our 2nd week in Alaska. There was only one place neither the power chair or my scooter could not go and that was inside where they processed the gold being mined. We went on a river boat tour, and I dude the day trip into Denali Nat’l Park. Could not use my scooter nor walker but at the only stop we made the bus driver went to a designated place and retrieved a folding wheelchair and he pushed me into the ranger’s station. After he took me back to the tour bus (they were old school buses) he took the wheelchair back to its place and once again he became the driver.

When I traveled with this group to NYC I didn’t want to drag my scooter so I contacted the Concierge at the hotel where we were going to be staying and he provided me with a local number for a company that delivered one to the hotel bell captain for me and then later picked it up from there. I have also rented scooters from a company that offers the service to cruise passengers. They deliver,/retrieve the equioment to your stareroom or you may pick it up at the port. Sorry I could not be of more help.


I’m wondering if this is a liability issue for them. You could ask them if they would allow it were you to sign a waver releasing them from liability for potential damages to your device; or if you showed paperwork for the device being insured by a 3rd party insurer maybe they would be more receptive. Just ideas, not from experience. Good luck!