Guidance for Plane Travel

From a community member:

Can someone tell me how would I get my son on a plane? He is quadriplegic with no movement from his shoulders down.

You will need to let the airline know when you buy the ticket what assistance he will need and also at the airport when you check in for the flight. The airports all have staff that are able to assist disabled travelers into and off of planes. Based on the info you provided about your son it is doable but he will need to instruct the assistance people and airline personnel exactly how to transfer him and what he will need to be safe. I strongly advise that someone who knows all of his needs accompany him on his flight to ensure he is treated properly as well as his wheelchair since he is going to need to be transferred out of it at the door of the plane and his wheelchair may need to be partially disassembled and stowed in the cargo area and then reassembled at your destination. Also remember that he will be first on the list lane and last off the plane so time management is super important and if there are connecting flights involved, leave plenty of time between arrival and departure.

I found a YouTube video that shows the process

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What if you can’t transfer yourself? We use a hoyer lift to move my husband? The girl In the video transferred by herself.

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There are staff that will do a full assist transfer for someone who can’t do it independently. Again, make sure the airline is fully aware of your needs since they need to arrange with the airport assistance providers to make sure appropriate staff are assigned to assist.
They normally to a two person transfer, one person standing behind and going under the disabled persons arms and grasping their wrists and the other person at their feet lifting their legs.