Handicap accessible vacation rental homes

Im looking for a vacation rental home that’s handicap accessible in north myrtle beach

This could work depending on your needs. You would need to call and ask additional questions of course. I’ve never stayed here so I can’t really recommend but it’s worth a try!

(Two-Bedroom, Two-Bath Oceanfront Accessible Roll-In Shower | Ocean 22 By Hilton Grand Vacations | Myrtle Beach Condo Rentals)

Following!! Hope you dont mind.

Try this… it’s a search on Vrbo with a wheelchair accessible filter

Hi Starksm631, I’m Pinky :fairy:; one of your Forum Moderator’s. First off, welcome to the Forum and thank you so much for making your post.

Usually, I am great at finding multiple listing for people when they are seeking a vacation rental home (vs. hotel), but struggling big on this one. Not because a bunch of places aren’t calling themselves accessible online, but when I go through the photos; its very obvious they didn’t truly understand what needed to be altered to make the home truly accessible.
I try very hard not to waste folks time with listings like that; let alone I wouldn’t want you to book one of those by mistake and have a terrible trip (especially to the beach). Myrtle Beach seems to be nothing but Hotels, Condo’s and Rental houses, but noticing the owners of the rental houses don’t go out of their way to make their rentals accessible. Mostly just the condos and hotels from what I am finding.

But… It might be best to call a handful of the realtors who are listed on this Myrtle Beach website for Disability Resources at the beach. They will know much faster what homes they have that could work for you.

In Fact, I did find these two rental houses that have elevators; but otherwise are obviously not designed for wheelchairs. The first is a 5bdrm/4bath in the Surfside Beach area called Lion-in-Da-Sun. The other is a 6bdrm/6bath in the same area called Ocean Palace.

Now I did see something on Air-BnB that might work if you are ok with a 2bdrm/1bath called the Grand Strand Lofts? How do you feel about a loft? This place is great and fully accessible; and over the Grand Strand Brewing Company…so how bad could that be? Plus it’s right by the ocean, so that helps.

Please be very careful when using VRBO with their accessible filter. Can’t begin to tell you how many times we ran into listings that check that off just to get more views and bookings; but all their photos show the opposite of what they claim

You really picked a great city to visit if this is a beach vacation? Myrtle Beach has a phenomenal system for making the beach accessible and you should defiantly check out their website about it.
I’m sorry I could not come up with a big rental list of houses for you. I will definitely keep an eye out. Please let me know if you change your mind and would prefer a hotel or condo; that is something we can defiantly find for you easily.

Please come back and share with us about your trip and what you did? I’m looking forward to hearing how your adventure went, so maybe someday I can go check it myself.

Have a Fabulous time, I’m here for you if you need me.
-Pinky :fairy: