Has anyone ever tried the river walk in a wheelchair?

Has anyone ever tried to go on the river walk in San Antonio, Texas? We, my family and I, went to San Antonio, Texas for a hurricane evacuation. The river walk was not really wheelchair accessible. There’s only one ramp, and if you need to get back up, for an emergency, it looks like it’d be impossible.


YES I have. I called ahead for parking at CASA RIO as well as had Reservation for Dinner on the River Walk. They had Ramps down to the River Walk area. Had a Wonderful Dinner and then went and had one of the River Boat Tours that are available. Not sure about other areas, but No Problems in the area I mentioned. Have Fun & ENJOY

I an in a Wheelchair Full-Time due to loss of both legs.

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There are three maps that show all ramps and public elevator to Riverwalk level. Museum area, north loop and river bend included below. https://www.sanantonio.gov/Portals/0/Files/DAO/RiverWalkMap-RiverBend.pdf

Not both sides of entire Riverwalk route is fully accessible, but I would say 85% can be enjoyable.

The city does a wonderful job with fall and Christmas lights.


Try this website. City if San Antonio River Walk Maps and Accessibility for three maps showing access points. A lot of access is through private businesses.


We have gone down the riverwalk in San Antonio. The secret is to find the elevators. Not always easy to spot but it let me go down there. Now crowded yes, but doable.