Has anyone takin a cross country train?

My son is getting married in CA I’m in FL. I need a walker and electric wheelchair afraid of flying because of damage to my chair. Has anyone done
Cross country train? Your experience? Ty

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My husband and I went from Michigan to Montana by rail in May and it was fantastic. I use a walker for a few steps, but mostly I use an electric wheelchair. I couldn’t say enough good things about my experience. The people were very helpful. The accommodations were good. And the scenery was outstanding. The only down side was I was in the room the entire time because I couldn’t get up and down levels I.e. viewing car.

My suggestion would be to go through a travel agent. Mine made sure our room was accessible and there was a bathroom right in the room. She also got us a good rate.

Good luck!


Thank you for your help


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Depending on what time of the year you go can affect your connections to other trains. I also contribute to a railroad magazine in the mid atlantic called railpace and follow amtrak very closely. Wknter is horrendous for them . Spring and fall best performance times . Summer storms can delay you for hours.

I’ve done cross country 8 times, and 5 times in the H (handicapped) room due to mobility issues, though I am not in a chair. The H room is the whole width of the train in the western Superliners, and eastern view liners have a slightly different configuration. The western train car H has the toilet right in the room with a curtain for privacy if needed. There is a sink. The shower is in the hall but quite small and I doubt if you can do it if you can’t stand for a few minutes. If you are wheelchair-bound and can’t make the stairs to go to the dining car, your sleeper car attendant will bring your meals to your room. Coach would be difficult, although much cheaper. If you buy in advance, you might catch a deal. Also, I always do better when I call AMTRAK. Highly recommend, but leave wiggle room at destination in case train gets delayed.

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Been by plane with electric scooter. Great care was taken with mine. Cant

I have a power wheelchair and I have never had trouble flying. Never had any damage to my chair.

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