Have you used Uber when traveling by yourself?


I need to go to the airport by myself. It’s about a 45 minute ride. I am hoping some others have done this and who have positive comments.


I recently used Uber in Ft Lauderdale. I asked the driver who dropped me off at the Airbnb, if she would pick me up in the morning? I needed her to pick me up at 5am to make my flight.

I tipped her $20 in cash. I wanted to be really sure she would come at such an early hour! She was there and even though it was about 10 miles, I tipped her well again to reward her for coming out SO early and promptly.

It was my first experience with Uber. Very positive. The app was a bit difficult for me. I wanted to set up a pickup before I left baggage claim, but it appeared to me that it is set up for what you want right this minute. Like I said, my first time using it. But I needed to be as sure as possible that the driver would show at such an early hour, so that is why I arranged it verbally ahead of time.

I was anxious, but it worked out ok.


I went to go use Uber here in Las Vegas Nevada the other day to come home from the store. I’m in a powered wheelchair and none of the Uber cars are handicap accessible for wheelchairs so I ended up taking a regular taxi home handicapped one.