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Helicopter assisstance

I’m Anna from Spain. I’m mad for traveling, I have been many times in the USA and this year I’ve prepared a trip to LA and Las Vegas. To celebrate my anniversari I would like to do a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon. What do you tell me about that? Is it very difficult for me (whith fordable wheelchair)? Must I reserve from here or it’s better do it in tourism office at Vegas?
Thank you!!!:hugs::hugs::


Just contact a reputable helicopter service and explain you situation.

Jim Rothschild

Have a great trip!

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Hi Anna!
Yes, the Helicopter flights over the Grand Canyon are wheelchair accessible.
It is recommended to bring someone with you to assist getting in and out with the wheelchair.
Can book on-line @ adrenalin.com
Hope this helped!
If you need any further assistance in or for Las Vegas, can contact me at

Never been to Grand Canyon but LA and California in general is very accessible. La is made up of several small towns there is a small core but mostly it’s separate villages. There are several beaches that you can use on a beach wheelchair at and the Getty Center what is very accessible and so was the modern art gallery they were both excellent.