Hello and I need so assistance please

My name is Marilee and I so appreciate you allowing me to be part of what looks like a great group with common interests. I am a 57yr old female from Kentucky and have been diagnosed with several conditions. First and foremost, I suffer from chronic pain due to Peripheral neuropathy due to a severe case of shingles and complicated by type 2 diabetes. The shingles cause severe nerve damage in my lower back and legs which makes it difficult to stand and walk for any length of time. I also suffer from PAD which makes it even more difficult. I am looking for information about using this site. I have been a member for awhile now but haven’t had the opportunity to use it.
My main question and possible concern is I have noticed that when making a reservation it asks you to provide your credit card information. I understand that most hotels require this information to guarantee a reservation and that’s fine. What I am noticing is that it states that my credit card will be immediately charged. Is this the case with all reservations made through this site? I was recently out a significant amount of money when the particular hotel I was going to stay in with my granddaughters has to be suddenly canceled due to my mother failing fatally ill and we had to cancel at the last minute. When I explained this situation the hotel was less than empathetic in my situation and my credit card was charged. We had arrive at the hotel and prior to checking in, I received the horrifying news about my mother. What turned into a minor fall earlier that day with no apparent injuries, turned into her suddenly passing away. After that incident, I am extremely cautious about what appears to be prepayment for any reservations that I would make through this site. I learned sadly that plans can sometimes change so unexpectedly. Could anyone help we this question. I know that this question has probably been address somewhere on the site, but I am unable to locate an answer.
Thank you again for accepting in this group. I look forward to hearing from others.

What I would do for any trip I book is get insurance. I actually would not book any part of any trips without insurance just for the reasons you described.