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Hello I am new here And hello to anyone else that is new here also

Hello to anyone that reads this I am trying to find me a vacation but I have limited funds I am on Social Security disability benefits and I have autism spectrum disorder I was trying to find a place to stay in PittsburghThat didn’t cost much and was a good quality and some what accessible mainly sensory Accessible also I have mobility issues I have to walk a certain way in order to get places so I’m not particularly fast also I am overweight which probably doesn’t help so some exercise would do me some good

I haven’t been to Pittsburg in many years but the University used to have a boutique hotel that was reasonable

I did a brief search and found this website that seems to have several. If one looks good please read reviews on Yelp or other review sites before booking.


Good luck!

We loved the Strip District, Squirrel Hill and Shady-side


Hi @danielwradcliff, welcome to our community! :smiley:

We have a lot of resources for planning a trip to Pittsburgh here, including articles about the top accessible attractions, the top accessible hotels, and a sample itinerary.

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