Hello I’m new here

Hello all. My name is Lynn. I’m married with children and I work full-time as a developer.

After a bout with polio at 9 months old, I’ve been disabled all my life. I managed to be independent and mobile by using a long leg brace for years. Now I’m entering a stage of “post-polio syndrome” where my muscles are now weakening further. More often than not, I use a mobility scooter or wheelchair. I love to travel and want to continue enjoying and learning about the world. I also want to share my experiences and hear yours.


Welcome @maxlynrob! We are very happy to have you as a member of our community and look forward to hearing about your adventures!

Hello. We share a common problem. Welcome to the forums.

The best way to deal with post-polio syndrome is to not overtire yourself. Do you have a walker you can sit on whenever you get tired? Could not go anywhere without mine.

When traveling I can usually get by with that and the airport wheelchair service. If you can’t, don’t be afraid to use that scooter. You can take it on most planes with restrictions. Most airlines need a few days notice, and they will want to know the approximate weight. Mine weighs 130 pounds, and I usually have to wait to get it at the destination while they bring it up on an elevator. Carry a door stop to hold hotel doors open as you drive in.


Hi . My name is Matthew. I am a retired emt that became disabled in March of 08 due to my job. I have numerous back ailments.
I have been with my wife for 12 years married for 9 of them. We love cruising . Vacation anywhere in the east coast and love going to Philadelphia

Hi. I have been to many great destinations with my travel scooter. We cruise and take an accessible cabin. I arrange private tours that will take my scooter. I also bring my canes. Obviously there are some places I cannot access and I accept that. My attitude is I see what I can and am grateful for what I do do and see. It takes planning