Hello! My name is Julie

I currently live in IL. I work in healthcare, am 50 yrs old, and diagnosed with a slow progressing form of ALS(PLS) at 46. I’ve been a traveler my entire life. I’ve lived in several states across the US and have visited 4 of the 7 continents. I use a power chair 80% of the time and use a walker in my home and sometimes at work. I joined this group because I have 3 continents to go and I also travel some for work. As many have mentioned, accessible is defined differently and it’s frustrating to have to ask so many questions to ensure you are on the same page with the hotel, airline, or venue. I am looking forward to searching the various topics to gain insight on my next adventure. Best wishes to all!


Welcome! I too have just joined and have found the information in the forums very interesting/helpful.


Hi welcome to the site it sounds like you have some amazing travel experiences and will be a wonderful asset to the group


Hi Julie! Welcome, welcome! My name is Emily, and I am a forum moderator and manage our social media. We are excited that you have found us. :slight_smile: My mom is from Illinois!

We’re around for any questions, comments, concerns, anything at all. accessibleGO is a friendly place, where we’re all just trying to find the best info to travel to the best places. Traveling with a disability can be more complicated than our able-bodied peers, but that shouldn’t hold us back. I’m an ambulatory wheelchair user, using a power wheelchair as well!

What continents are you traveling to?

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Hi Julie-- I just joined myself about a month ago. As my own disease process progresses, I am needing to learn about the use of mobility aids while alone. I’m leaving next Monday Aug 29th for a month long vacation in Pakistan. I thought I had everything covered- how I was going to do everything. My new power wheelchair came on Aug 12th and I discovered that the seat is too small–it was supposed to be 18 inches and turned out to be 15 inches. So too small and the arm rests dont move. So I am now gonna have to use a manual wheelchair and depend on someone else to push (which I hate). I have 2 suitcases to check in and then I have a small suit case to carry on and then a backpack of personal items. Now I’m worried. I know I can put the backpack on the handles, but how do i move the manual chair and push my little suitcase around? I’ve heard that waiting for an attendant can be a little spotty at the airport. Or more like hit or miss.

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Hi @emilyward32! Thanks for the welcome!! I’ve found some helpful tips already. Matter of fact, I was happy clicking last night and came across a blog that was fun to read. I may have to go back to it for reference during my research for the next family getaway!

For the continent question, I have not been to Africa, Antarctica, or Australia. I’m not sure I’d ever want to go to Antarctica, but I’m hoping for the other two. Also, what part of IL is your mom from? I am on the IA/IL border.

Thanks again for the welcome and I’ll be seeing you on the GO …

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Hi @sistersplace and I’m just going to say WOW now on your bravery!! A month long trip on my own seems daunting. I’ve never been to Pakistan. How did you decide on that location? Just wondering if you had friends there or maybe a historical sight you wanted to see?

It’s unfortunate to hear about your chair. Is there anyway you can return it and rent one instead? I’ve had some luck with FB marketplace in searching for items. I hope it all works out for you and you have an amazing trip!!

Hi @joyce.beacome54 and thanks for the welcome! I’ve been to around and sometimes down the bumpy road. I’d be happy if I could help anyone make their experience go smoothly! What kind of traveling do you like to do?

Hi @goldieedwards56. Thanks for the welcome. I am really excited about this group… learning tips, getting ideas and hearing from others. I hope I can do the same for others! Where and how do you like to travel?

I met some Pakistanis in a sarcasm group on FB about 4 years ago. They have been sending me pictures of different things that were interesting. I started studying the Quran and then in 2020, I became Muslim. Then a year ago one man and I became very close and I helped him do some things on a court case he had. He then proposed to me in March of this year. I am going there to get married. He knows I’m differently abled and he says he doesnt mind pushing me in a manual wheelchair. So I’m going for the Muslim experience and to meet people I’ve chatted with. I met my fiance’s whole family. They all speak English and we all get along fine. Its an experience of a lifetime-- He has paid for everything, even my plane ticket. So I will enjoy every moment and on top of that I will be vlogging the trip and the accessibility issues and showing people about another culture. Its all good and I’m looking forward to it.!

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@sistersplace what are great story! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!! I read your previous post as you were going to roll through Pakistan on your own with all your luggage. I am glad to know you have a whole family waiting to embrace you. I’m kinda nerdy and read a lot about the history of cultures and religions. On occasion, it draws me toward a location. My last big trip was to Thailand. It was challenging because I wanted to avoid resorts and large hotels. We stayed in hostels or homestays and accessibility was always unknown variable. I assume you are going into the same situation. I will be looking forward to updates!! Since I am new here, is there a place to post photos? Lastly, Sarcasm group on FB?! Interesting and funny. I may have search for it :wink:

Yeah, I’m an original Jersey girl-- therefore sarcasm rules! Just saying-- BTW- My name is Carol and I’m 66 years young…

maybe pics have to be approved first? I will be posting on my FB page-- how can we become FB friends?

@sistersplace You can post pictures! You click the little picture button when you are typing your post. :slight_smile:

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