Hello to my AccessibleGo Forum Family

Hi Family,
It’s Pinky :fairy: again, one your friendly neighborhood Forum Moderators. I just wanted to apologize that I have been missing for a couple of months of the Forum. You all know that I LOVE being able to help you solve your travel questions here on the Forum, so it’s killing me that I have not been able to spend much time on my computer lately while dealing with some medical issues. Then I got hit a double whammy and got a bad case of Covid on top of the other medical crisis I am dealing with. It’s been pretty difficult, but I’m a survivor… so this won’t be what takes me down!
I promise that I will be back ASAP so that we can get back to solving all the travel mysteries you can hit me with. Thankfully we have a FABULOUS team of other moderators who do an even better job than me at helping you with your questions, so I know you are in good hands right now. Can’t wait to rejoin the team,
In the meantime, I have been working on more of a review to share about Accessible Sea-Bob’ing and I just published here on the Forum. Keep an eye out for it also on the social media sites too (or at least the links). Have you ever dreamed of flying through the water like a dolphin on steroids?

Miss you all so much and can’t wait to get back to helping. Means the world to me that I have an opportunity to help others get out of their homes and see this planet. Fingers crossed it won’t be much longer.

Pinky :fairy:


Wish you well,I too had had Covid-19 when it first came out I almost died went to hospital 3x for them to send me home cus they didn’t have any where to put me. My ex husband and my child with multiple disabilities took care of me, my husband (ex) shook me several times cus I wasn’t breathing was sick with Covid for 4 months now I have post Covid symptoms. Wish you all the best and a safe recovery. Your friend Alice