Hi! I'm Amanda & I have Migraine

Hello all! I’m Amanda (although many people know me as Mia).

I have a basket full of Migraine Disease related symptoms that make travel tricky. From being crazy sensitive to noise, lights, and scents to often needed a wheelchair to access life, I’ve had to re-learn how to travel and enjoy vacations.

I’m also the Editor in Chief of the digital magazine My Chronic Brain, which is devoted to helping Chronic Migraine sufferers live their exceptional lives.

I’m excited to be part of this community and am looking forward to having better trips and vacations with your help (and hopefully helping others have easier times too!)




Hi Mia,
I’m Jennifer also known as Jenni. I’m so glad you’re joining us in the group. I have Cronic Miagrain Headaches as well as DJD and Bipolar, Depression and Anxiety oh and Seizures. Almost 3 years ago I suffered my second stroke. I’ve been slowly getting better and am ready to embrace life again.
I’m going to be Cruising the Western Caribbean April 19-26, 2020 with my best friend who is a double amputee. We’re counting down the days and very excited. It’s a trip to celebrate our birthdays.
This May I’m going to really venture out of my comfort zone and attend a concert in Dallas.
It’s nice to have another Miagrain sufferer in my presence. Most people truly don’t get how bad they are unless/until they get one.
Hopefully we’ll talk soon.


Hi, Jenni!

Nice to meet you!

I’m so excited for you that you’ll be traveling this coming year! I haven’t managed a concern myself, but I have gone cruising! It has become my absolute favorite chronic-illness-friendly trip. Your bed goes with you! :wink: I can’t wait to hear about your travels. And fee free to let me know if I can be of any help with tips and ideas for cruising with Chronic Migraine!


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Hey I’m Carrie! My husband and I are looking at take our 1st cruise Jan 2020. Like you, I suffer from migraines too. One of my triggers is changes in the weather. Did you have any trouble with a migraine(s) when you were on a cruise? How lenient are they about taking medications on board? I don’t want to get thrown in jail for having my Rx of Norco (ack!) I sometimes have to take if everything else doesn’t work. When I get 1 of those it’s not just my head that hurts but I see it being a possibility after a long day. We’ll be going to see the Eastern Caribbean but my Daddy is trying to talk me into the Western. I just want to the Bahamas and Jamaica. Whatever takes me there. Plane. Boat. Space ship. I’m pretty much open to anything! :joy:

Hi Carrie! I have a thousand triggers, but thankfully weather changes doesn’t seem to be one of them. If it is for you, be aware that there’s almost always a storm in the evening during the summer months.

I’ve never had a problem with my medications when boarding. Always leave them in their original Rx containers and make sure the prescriptions are still valid (not beyond the “throw away after” date :)). Also make sure you bring contact information for your prescribing doctors’–never hurts when you travel. That all said, I’ve never had even a little trouble with the cruiselines.

Laws vary by country to country, so it’s easiest to just leave medications on board. If you must bring something with you, make sure you research what is and isn’t allowed in the country and under what circumstances. I highly recommend you only take off ship whatever you absolutely must have for while you’re on shore. Use the original Rx bottle, but leave the other pills locked in your room safe. Someone may have another recommendation, but I’ve found this is easiest for me. It prevents the worry of “What do I do if my bag is snatched?” and also makes you less interesting to local law should you be stopped (I’ve only had my bag searched once and they didn’t care at all for the medication. THey were just looking for water and food which you can’t bring on/off ship).

I have medication that requires refridgeration. They’ve provided a needed refridgerator when requested at booking. They will also provide a sharps container if needed.

Also, I have a very restricted diet thanks to Migraine and Celiac. So I am allowed to bring a variety of snacks on board ship. If you’re in the same boat (ha ha, pun unintentional but awesome), check with the accessibility liason to see what’s allowed.

I highly recommend making contact with whoever that person is anyway, even if you don’t require any special accomodations at the time. That way you’ll have their contact information when you get on board. I’ve used it almost every trip to help make the trip more do-able. They’ve helped me figure out who to talk to about ingredients in foods as well as making the ship more accessible for me (I’m an ambulatory wheelchair user).

I hope this helps! Honestly, cruising is the best. I hope you get a chance to do it!

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THANK YOU! I didn’t even think about the pill case I keep in my purse! I know I’d forget about it going off the ship. Everything in it isn’t Rx but a combination of OTC and Rx in case what I eat doesn’t agree with me. Here lately Here lately that seems to be just about everything… Even water some days. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My meds don’t have to be refrigerated but my husband’s will so TY for that info too! I smiled at you saying the throw away after date. I’m very guilty of squirrelling away meds. Especially pain meds now that they’re so hard to get. As far as my meds being snatched, I learned that the hard way. So I never keep all of my meds all in one place nor do I bring it all with me when I travel. This is the 1st time I’ve ever traveled outside the US and carrying my Rx bottle has never occurred to me. This is going to be a lot of “firsts”. I’ll start saving the bottles as I empty them.

The only thing that I’d need to bring off the ship every day is water. I literally drink a gallon a day. It’s my wonderful meds. They make me really thirsty and I’ve weaned myself off of my 2L of coke a day to instead drinking water or I’d be a whole lot bigger than I am. I can’t stand diet cokes and yes I’ve tried them all. I drink a lot of Kool-aid too. Hope “big kids” like me are allowed in the teens area bc I am not an adult. Casinos? No TY but I’ll spend plenty of $$$ on arcade games! :laughing: Yes you helped answer several questions and I appreciate you taking the time to reply! I’m gathering as much info as possible but knowing me, I’ll probably do something like leave my luggage in the car :smile:

Ha ha, I may or may not stockpile meds too. Availability is so variable, and they keep me functioning!

Just so you know, they won’t let you bring water off/on the ship. It’s awful! However, you should be able to purchase it just fine. I recommend going a little distance away from port to buy it. If you buy it right next to the dock, it’ll be quite expensive. However, further in you should be able to find a pharmacy or shop and their water is similarly priced to US bottles in my experience. Just budget a little extra to make sure you can access this important resource!

In my experience, adults aren’t allowed in the kids’ areas (safety). But I imagine something like an arcade would be open. I can’t go in them because they’re so loud and have too many flashing lights. Ha ha

Since this is your first time out of country (and cruising!), I’ll also leave you with these tips:

(1) Contact your bank to let them know you’ll be out of the country and which card(s) you’re bringing with you. My bank lets me do this online. If you don’t contact them, they may put a hold on your account because your purchases are showing up somewhere else.

(2) Make a photocopy of your passport and leave it in the States with someone you trust and can get a hold of. This makes replacing it if there’s a problem so much easier!

(3) Keep your passport with you. If you’re on the ship, it’s fine in your safe. But if you leave the ship, even if you don’t “need” it, bring it. You never know.

(4) Since you’re prone to tummy issues, don’t drink tap water or have ice in your drinks. Even traveling in the US, water in different areas can cause issues! I’ve found ice on the ship is usually just fine. It hink it’s because they filter it so much.

(5) If you like loud music, head to the pool deck. If you don’t, avoid it. I’ve never been on a ship that doesn’t have something blaring there most of the day and night.

(6) Local transportation may be less private than you’re used to. Gas is quite expensive in the islands, so taxis and such often wait for multiple passengers going to the same area. Budget time in for this and go with the flow–it’s part of experiencing the culture of the place you’re visiting!

I hope you have a wonderful time! Do come back here and let me know how it was!!

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Hi, just a quick little side note. If you have regular meds, especially ones that are a controlled substance, go to your pharmacist and ask for an extra small bottle labeled for a single days dosage of the med. Your pharmacist is typically more than happy to help and it is a safest option I have found. Carrying medications in a weekly med minder is absolutely NOT ok. The police, especially in the United States, frown on this and have been known to confiscate meds carried without clear labels with the prescribing doctors name shown. Good luck!


Great idea!

Yeah, I always travel with my pills in bottles when I travel because I’m never 100% sure of the local laws.