Hi, im sadie and i just joined. Any tips or any suggestions

And body use any water devices

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Hi Sadie, nice to meet you and welcome to the community! Looking forward to hearing everyone’s suggestions for you about water devices. Also, you might enjoy this article about accessible beaches: https://accessiblego.com/articles/Summer_Guide_to_Accessible_Beaches_

Hi Sadie. Welcome. I’m relatively new myself.

Not sure what your disabilities and needs are but I have one suggestion that may serve your need. When we were boating some of us used to use life jackets in a different way than usual.

We would connect the strap clips as if we were in it but we would step into the armholes, bringing the vest up to our chest upside down. It leaves your arms free to do whatever is necessary while helping you stay afloat with little effort.

Hope this helps in some small way. Good luck.

I’m new also. When I have a chance to get in a pool I use Big Joe comfort zone. They are these beaded tubes that I wrap around my upper body so I can float around by myself


HI! Welcome to our community. We are glad to have you!! Love this pic. <3

Thank you Emily. I did not introduce myself to the community yet . My name is Milene. I am C5,C6,C7 Incomplete Spinal cord injury. Paralyzed from my armpits down. If I didn’t have this tube i’d be at the bottom of the pool, or just sitting on the steps. My body does whatever it wants in the water. I race around the pool with my arms, then float for a tan :slight_smile:

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Hi Milene! Welcome, welcome. I’m Emily, and I work here at accessibleGO. :innocent: I love the water too. Fun to float, get some sun, and good on the joints!!

Hi Sadie, I’m Pinky; yet another one of your Forum moderator’s (as you can tell, we love new members).

Wow, I didn’t realize how many of us have our favorite floaties for swimming. Ok, if you promise to not tell everyone I’ll let you in on who my favorite company is for flotation devices. Have you ever seen those unsinkable float mats some people use? If it’s made of that closed cell foam, the odds are high it comes from a company called Texas Recreation Company or TRC Super Soft. You can purchase most items directly from them; just be careful if you order on Amazon due to the amount of knockoffs. I can’t endorse those items as I can’t trust the safety of their product ingredients.

There isn’t one item from this company I can speak negative of because everything we get from them is AMAZING! In fact, when we travel now; I take a huge duffle full of thier noodles and mats to use as not just pool/beach equipment, but also to replace the padding I need for sleeping in regular beds. Most airlines allow you to take an unlimited amount of medical equipment with you, so as long as you feel comfortable explaining to the check-in agent that you need the items for your bed *(wink - wink); than you can take whatever you need with you as long as you can justify its safety use.

I look forward to reading all the posts in this category as I am constantly in the water and looking for fresh ideas.

Have a Fantastic summer everyone and get out to the pool, beach, lake, kiddie pool in the driveway. Try and stay cool with these heat waves and stay hydrated as much as possible.

*** -Pinky :fairy: :kissing_heart:**