Home Rental near Philadelphia

From a community member:

I am looking forward to doing more traveling and so happy about your website and offers!! At this time we are looking for a house to rent that offers a great view, forest, or beach. This is for my parents who have mobility issues, and I use a wheelchair. They don’t go out much, but we would just enjoy the time all together in a serene place for a weekend.

We are looking for a home rental possibly in the Pocono Mountains in PA or nearby. We can’t travel too far from Philadelphia.

Go to vrbo. They have a filter where you can choose wheelchair accessible. I stayed at a home last fall that was wca near mount pocono . Nice place

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I second that recommendation… go to Vrbo and do a search and if you go into filters scroll down until you come to “wheelchair accessible” and check the box off and then hit apply. I would recommend though that you scrutinize the listings pretty carefully because some people idea of wheelchair access are different than others. If you find one you like and it looks like it may work based on the pictures and description, contact the rental agent listed and double check on the accessibility features before you reserve.

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