Horrible Dining Experience

Over this last weekend I had one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had. First off I only saw 1 handicapped parking space in the parking lot as we approached The Peddler in Greenville, SC. It was poorly located so we avoided it. The walkway to the door was flagstone and many stones were uneven and some were loose and sliding around on top of others. The incline was horrific; you needed climbing gear. We were told mo Saturday reservations so we took a chance. Were told at arrival 15-20 minutes. Forty minutes passes and my son in law goes to hostess (our party of 3 is the only party in the waiting room). Hostess says next table is ours as soon as it is cleaned. A party of 6 enters the waiting room. One lady comments about the climb up the walkway and says she feels like she is at Disney. She turns and asks me how in the world did you do it with the walker. I told her my 2 companions, 1 in front, 2 in back. I told my daughter that I needed to use the restroom. She said she would hold door as it had a sign saying step down. Biy, they weren’t kidding; 3 very narrow, very shallow and very steep steps going down to restroom with only old timey screen for pulls to hold. Those had been screwed into the wall in 3 places. Two stalls were there but neither handicapped. There were no grab bars nor extra width. If course had I been in a wheelchair or power chair I could not have gotten to front door unless I was air lifted in. My daughter had my walker as it wouldn’t fit through doorway. Ig it was not my 3 wheeler I could not have maneuvered a walker amongst the furniture. I also noticed their pedestal sink wobbled as it was not attached. I slowly climbed back up the steps (3rd one was a doozy) and retrieved my wheels from my daughter. I noticed party of 6 was gone but we were not. Son in law goes to hostess and she was extremely rude to him and says “well they’re a party of 6” as if that explains why were eere skipped over. My daughter goes to hostess and woman hisses at her “I 've got you right here”. My daughter replied" no, you don’t because we’re leaving. At that point we had been there over an hour. My daughter pulled car as close as she dared to walkway while my son in law accompanied me down those same flagstones. It was just as scary going down. I don’t cars if their food is lined in gold it is not worth a broken limb. Ladies would not be safe to wear heels as not only would they risk breaking a heel they would also risk breaking one or more bones. I have been a guest in many fine restaurants created out of historic buildings but all have modified their buildings for handicapped accessibility. To me this a flagrant disregard for the safety of your customers.

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thanks, I will never eat there!

That is a pretty sad tale for an upscale restaurant. It is on my list of where not to dine when in Greenville SC.