Hospital beds in hotels


My husband and I never got to have a honeymoon due to the fact we have to sleep in a hospital bed. Are there any hotels or motels willing or able to accommodate us?


Thank you for this post. We hope you and your husband will be able to take a honeymoon very soon.

Here at accessibleGO, our team is hearing more and more that there are many people like yourself who would like a hospital bed option during their hotel stay. Unfortunately we do not know of many hotels that offer this. But in our efforts to gather accessibility data from hotels, we are adding this question so we will start to collect this information. It will take us some time though so we do hope members of the community have some recommendations for you. We will also post this on our FB page.



I’m wondering if you could find a hotel that offers adjustable beds like Select Comfort. It’s not a hospital bed but might be easier to find than a hospital bed.



Hi! I have a similar issue with sleeping, but mine is that I need to sleep in a reclining chair. When visiting Orlando, FL., I found several places that rent hospital beds and electric recliners. They deliver to your hotel room. I asked a few hotels if that was ok. They said yes, and even offered to let them in, if they got there before we did!

I suggest looking up medical supply rentals (or hospital bed rentals), in the area you are planning to go, and mention your issue. Also, check with the hotel you plan to stay at. This isn’t new to them, as many people travel, with the same need. :slight_smile: Hope that helps.


Thank you so much for this helpful comment! We are constantly getting questions from members of our community who need to sleep in a recliner or hospital bed and we have yet to find hotels that actually do either one. Can you recommend any specific hotels that had recliners or allowed hospital bed rentals? Orlando is one of our most popular areas for our community so we are really glad to hear this.

Thanks for being part of our community!