Hotel accessibility in Barbados

Can I get some recommendations for a nice handicapped accessible hotel in Barbados preferably near Oistins but not required. I really want to stay at an all-inclusive resort but can’t find any. Thanks for any help.

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Hi Stephman, :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Thank you for visiting the AccessibleGo Forum and submitting your post about Accessible Hotels in Barbados. :beach_umbrella: I am one of the Forum’s Moderators and a huge fan of trips to the Caribbean, so I thought I would gather some information for you.

Before you go, definitely check out the “Fully Accessible Barbados” Website which is supported by the Barbados council for the disabled. You can also rent a beach wheelchair from them. Yayyyyyy

There is a Barbados Council for the Disabled that has worked with a handful of properties to be certified under the “Fully Accessible Barbados” designation program. Please note this is not the same as the ADA program we have in the United States of America and does not provide for the same guarantees/rights for disabled guests; however this is a much more advanced program than most islands in the Caribbean provide. If you want to learn more about the program: Barbados Council for Disabled

Also little extra help in case you are renting a car. They issue the local Disabled Parking ID (Hang-tag for car) which can be acquired by visitors upon presentation of Proof that they do have a disability or a Parking ID from their Country of Residence. Visit Parking ID’s More Information or call them. Only available M, W, F from 10am to 2pm. It costs $20(bds) and can be used for duration of visit.

So after discovering over a dozen hotels just in that area that had listings with accessible rooms, my #1 pick for you is:

Turtle Beach Resort (All Inclusive) Accessibility page :turtle:
This place checks off everything you have on your wish list. Right area; Accessible; All-Inclusive; and they even have a Beach Wheelchair for rent! This entire resort has been made accessible. I was very impressed with what I read and also had very positive reviews online.
They have an Accessible Oceanfront Junior Suite with:

  • Accessible guest rooms with 32" wide doorways * Visual alarm clock * The room has audible fire/smoke detectors * Accessible shelving / closet bars * There are grab bars at the toilet * There are grab bars in the shower and/or tub * The room has a roll-in shower * There are accessible faucet controls * There is a handheld spray unit in the shower and/or tub * There is a shower/tub seat available * There is accessible toe & knee clearance around the desk * There is accessible toe & knee clearance around the sink/vanity * There is wheelchair access path between and/or around beds

(Waiting for confirmation from these 2 hotels still) :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Sea Breeze Beach House - All Inclusive :ocean: &
Maxwell Coast Road, Christ Church, Barbados BB 15 031
Barbados Local : +1 246 428 2825 UK Local Number: +44 (0)20 3868 9916 US/CAN Toll Free : 1 888 9640030

[O2 Beach Club & Spa (Accessibility | O2 Beach Club & Spa Barbados)]- All Inclusive :sparkles: &

Dover Road Saint Lawrence Gap, BB15026 Barbados UK Local Number: +44 (0)20 3868 9916 US/CAN Toll Free: 1-888-964-0030 Reservations (Local/Global): + 1 246 428 9441

(I am waiting to verify what type of Accessible rooms these two All-Inclusive Resorts have, that are also in the right area. This is what I found posted on their website:
“All public areas are completely wheelchair accessible, and we strive to provide the best for all our Sea Breeze guests. While the hotel does not have any specific handicap rooms, the showers have a small 2” step to enter and we provide handicap shower chairs for guests on request,”
I have enquired about door widths and support bars in the bathrooms. Will update here as soon as I hear back from the resort.

Additional Accessible Hotels in Area (not all-inclusive…sorry)

Hilton Barbados Resort - Accessible Rooms :hotel:
About 5-6 miles west, down the beach; is a Fabulous resort with the best looking Accessible rooms I have seen so far on the island. Unfortunately not an all-inclusive resort; but a lot of Food and Drink options in the hotel and in the area of the hotel. The pool and beach look unreal! Lots of reviews from travelers with disabilities online who were very happy with their stay at this hotel. So I know it’s not a perfect match, but I had to share.

Plumtree Club Barbados - [Accessible Rooms | Plumtree Club Barbados] :tanabata_tree:(Accessible Rooms | Plumtree Club Barbados)
Just a few miles down the shore from Oistins. Not an all-inclusive, but great price for Barbados. I am not sure if they have a roll-in shower; but they do list a tub with grab-bar if that type would work for you?

Rostrevor Hotel - Hotel Website :sleeping_bed:
Right in Oistins, but also not an all-inclusive (self catering); however it is a beautiful hotel right on the beach. Hotel lists, “ accessible rooms may include accessible paths of travel, accessible bathroom, roll-in shower and in-room accessibility” on their website; but I have also reached out to the hotel to verify the information for you:
Response from Hotel:
“Thank you for your query. There are 2 fully equipped accessible rooms and must be requested for availability.

Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados - [Hotel Website]
( :love_hotel:
Closer to Bridgetown, but also right on the water; sadly also not all-inclusive. Hotel lists, “ hotel has accessible rooms that include amenities within accessible reach, controls operable without grasping or twisting, wider guest rooms and bathroom doorways, wheelchair accessible lobby and more” on the Fully Accessible Barbados website; but only show a handicap symbol on their website. Not the exact area you are looking for, but confirmed that they do have accessible rooms with roll-in showers (with flip down seats).

Courtyard by Marriott Bridgetown - Hotel Website :potted_plant:
In Bridgetown and not an all-inclusive hotel but wanted to share with you their information because I know some people trust in Marriott to always have their properties as “accessible as possible”. This hotel lists on their website, “Visual aids (tactile signs), Visual aids (Braille), Lowered sink, Toilet with grab rails, Wheelchair accessible” for accessibility features. They have been certified by the Fully Accessible Barbados website.

Accra Beach Hotel - Hotel Website
Just a couple miles down the road in Rockley Beach; this beautiful resort is right on the sand with an amazing pool too. They are listed on the “Fully Accessible Barbados” website, but I am not seeing any information on their official website; so I have reached out to them and will update here as soon as I hear back from them.

Dover Beach Hotel - Dover Beach Hotel Barbados :dove:
Right Area. Listed on someone else’s site as accessible, but not seeing on their site. Have emailed them 3/18

Divi Southwinds Resort - Barbados Hotel Suites | 1 and 2 Bedroom Suites in Barbados :wind_chime:
Right Area. Listed on someone else’s site as accessible, but not seeing on their site. Have emailed them 3/18

Sunbay Hotel - Contact Us | Sunbay Hotel :sunny:
Right Area. Listed on someone else’s site as accessible, but not seeing on their site. Have emailed them 3/18

Savannah Beach Club - Contact Sent - Savannah Beach Club, Barbados :thong_sandal:
Right Area. Listed on someone else’s site as accessible, but not seeing on their site. Have emailed them 3/18

So sorry for the overkill, but wanted to make sure I had some options for you and was shocked to discover so many hotels in just one area that had accessible rooms of all types. Can’t imagine if I started checking the whole island. :desert_island: I hope the Turtle Resort works out for you, it looks perfect. Please come back to the Forum after your trip and tell us all about it? We would all love to hear about the trip and what you discovered about the island’s accessibility. Please let me know if there is anything else I can be of help with? I promise my answers won’t always be so long. (Maybe…lol) :speak_no_evil:
Have a great trip. :flight_departure:

Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

-Russell :kissing_heart:


One last one I swear. Check out the Green Monkey Villa.

You can access the villa reservations from many websites since its a full villa rental, Villa is FABULOUS!!! and claims to be accessible too. Not sure what price range you are working with or if this is overkill, but had to share last one with you.

Also, just heard back from the Savannah Beach club and they are not Accessible. Still waiting to hear back from those other emailed. Fingers crossed.

Big Hugs,

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Russell let me first start off by thanking you for all of your efforts and the selections can NEVER by overkill, the more options the better. I will start looking at the websites of all the confirmed resorts/hotels and then discuss them with my wife to see where she would like to stay. I will daily check this forum to see if you have received any additional confirmations and of course I will share my plans and experiences on this forum. Thank you again

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Hi Stephman243,

It is my honor to get to help you. Especially for someone wanting to visit the Caribbean :desert_island:; my second home. Plus, this was great for me to learn how much more Accessible Barbados actually is then I thought. If just this one little area had this much for accessible accommodations, I can’t imagine how the whole island is? This may become a little side project for me to go back and do some more comprehensive research on the whole island and maybe put together our own little guide for the AccessibleGo Forum or/and Blog. (Just need to finish up the one I am working on for Curacao and St. Maarten right now).

So unfortunately, people are responding in “Caribbean time” :hourglass_flowing_sand:, so I have only gotten 1 update on a place I saw and wondered if it might work for you? I came across the O2 Beach Club and Spa and after viewing tons of photos of the resort, had a funny feeling it might work as accessible; even though the hotel had not advertised as having Accessible rooms. So I reached out to them with some additional questions and here was the responses (to see if it would work for your mobility needs?):

“(Does the hotel provide shower chairs)…Yes the hotel will provide a shower chair; (There is a lip to step into the shower area; so I asked what it was) The bathroom lip length is 4”; (Do you happen to know what the doorway widths are to enter the room and the bathroom; to see if a wheelchair might fit?") The measurements are as follows: Main entry door - 35", Bathroom door - 28 1/2", Shower glass door - 29 1/2";(Also, do you know if there are any support/safety bars in the bathroom?) Yes, some rooms have safety support bars."

Best thing it sounds is to call :selfie: or email :keyboard:the reservations agent to make a reservation; to ensure you get one of these special rooms they have already. I apologize it’s not a fully accessible room, but it looked so perfect based on your requests that I had to at least see if it would work for your needs. For the shower chair :seat:, I would ask for more details from reservations as to what their definition of shower chair is. Some places I have been to have a real medical designed shower chair or built-in bench; however some places it’s a plastic chair from Ikea placed in the middle of the shower.

Check out the place and see if it does anything for you and if it would work with your access needs and let me know if you would like me to reach back out to them for you again; it would be my pleasure. They are so friendly in Barbados. :grin:

Will keep posting up here as I get any more updates from hotels. Hopefully one of the ones I have on the list may work for you; sorry again there wasn’t as many all-inclusive ones. Those seem to be more spread out across the island and in areas where there aren’t as many local restaurants to compete with.

Can’t wait to hear about your adventure.

Let me know if you need any more help too, I am your in-house research addict.

Be well and talk soon,


PS Weird fact to know before packing. DO NOT wear anything with a camouflage pattern anywhere on you, in any color pattern of it. They seriously have a law against it being worn and you can be arrested. We were kept on our cruise boat while docked in Barbados years ago because my only pair of shoes :athletic_shoe: with me had white/grey camouflage.

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Thanks again for all this great information Russ and I have a very accessible hotel recommendation for St. Martin that I already have a reservation for next year, it’s called The Morgan Resort

Oh, my, goodness, you are going to LOVE the Morgan! We got to stay there on opening week and you had to drag me from the pool daily. Thankfully we got to spend some time with the owner and GM of the hotel and walk them through a few missed details for the hotel to make it even more accessible. Hopefully by now they have even purchased the beach wheelchairs they said they were getting for the pool and next door beach?

The only thing I want to warn for, is they didn’t design any of the bathrooms on the main floor of the hotel (lobby or pool) to fit a wheelchair. So, you have to go back to your room for that unfortunately. They were finishing the lobby level accessible rooms when we were there and those would be perfect if you are able to make a specific request.

Just tell the Stewert (the GM) or the front desk or bartender that you know Pinky(Russell) from Pink Oracle and they will look after you.

I can’t wait to hear what you think. Oh… Keep an eye out on here in the next couple months because I will be writing a whole series of posts on accessible activities and restaurants in St. Marteen that we love(and a little St. Barth’s info too). My series on Curacao is coming out first and then will publish that information (I have a lot to sort through). Who knows, we may even be there when you come down? We go for a few weeks every winter now but stay at a small villa (that’s only partially accessible) to save money.

Can’t wait to hear about your stay there and if they finished making those changes? Keep an eye out for those St. Marteen posts on here and probably the Blog.

Have a fantastic time and come back and tell us more about Barbados. Thank you for exposing me to finding out how much more accessible that island is, than I thought it was.

Have a wonderful evening,

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Wow :star_struck: thank you so much

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My Pleasure. :thong_sandal: :beach_umbrella: Keep an eye out for my St. Maarten/Martin posts coming in a few weeks. I will have lots of accessible ideas for you. We have discovered so much there that you won’t ever find in a guide (mostly from just talking to a lot of business owners before trying).