Hotel chain websites that list ADA as a separate room type


Pet peeve: Why can’t all these booking sites list ADA rooms (with bathroom pictures) as a separate room type? As far as I know only Holiday Inn provides that info online. Otherwise, I have to call each possible hotel directly to check availability, the shower and the price which rarely is the price advertised on the booking site. Very frustrating and time-consuming!


We have found some success with as well as Best Western and AmeicInn

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It is annoying, isn’t it. We have to call about the bed and showers every time. The real maddening frustration is when the person on the phone doesn’t know, doesn’t check, and just lies to appease you and get the booking. We get there and we can’t stay because it’s inaccessible. Not fun.

DAVID Rector and ROZ Alexander-Kasparik


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I have started complaining to the Chains Corporate offices. It is aggravating


Good for you! I think accessibleGo’s members should start a campaign to demand more transparency in the industry. There is strength in numbers There is a lot of consolidation in the industry so the trick is to get to very top


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Good for you! I think accessibleGo’s members should start a campaign to demand more transparency in the industry. There is strength in numbers There is a lot of consolidation in the industry so the trick is to get to very top


the other issue is the height of the bed…way to high for anyone using a wheelchair. I had called several hotels we were going to be staying in to make sure the Bed and room were wheelchair friendly…— I was told it was a low bed… and the room was wheelchair friendly. One we got to and they had change rooms since the guy thought we only picked that room because it had more room to move in. Keep calling and complaining to the Chains — ADA accessible rooms vary depending on who thinks they have it right. Good luck

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I wish ADA was more proactive instead of reactive, Instead, you have to go through a long process and even if you win, your vacation is still ruined.

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I use the Hilton app because I usually stay at a Hilton property, i.e., Embassy Suites, Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, etc. Once you type in your location for your reservations and how many people then it brings up all of the Hikton properties in that locale. I scan the list (it will say as low as $XX for such n such rate, i.e., AARP, AAA, GOVT, etc. Then I click on that property and on the next screen I check accessible room and after that it loads the available rooms and type of room. Some are hearing accessible while others will say roll-in shower or accessible tub, etc., and it will also say 2 queens or 1 king and the nightly rate for that room. Then click on that particular type of room and because it is accessible the next screen tells you that it is accessible and asks if you need that feature and you click yes or no. If yes then you continue to make the reservation. I have noticed on some other sites there is no place to say you want or need an accessible room. So I have to end up calling the hotel direct. I did have someone in a call center tell me I was better off calling the hotel direct because the local staff has a better knowledge of their accessible rooms. Quite a few years ago I was using to find a room right outside of Richmond. The man that was handling my request was very good and upon reaching one chain motel he spoke to the female manager and unbeknowing to her I was a 3rd party on the phone call. He asked for a handicapped accessible room and she said she had one but quite frankly she would rather he book me somewhere else because quite frankly she didn’t want the liability of having me as a guest because I could fall while in the property and it just wasn’t worth taking a chance. She then hung up. I could tell the man didn’t know what to say; he was quite speechless. Anyhow he apologized for her rude behavior and said he made a notation to steer future bookings away from that place for just cause. He found me a nice room, ground floor and at a good price. I do think you often do better by calling the hotel direct. I have noted recently however, that accessible rooms are priced higher than some other rooms.


Thanks, but price or number of stars shouldn’t be a factor.


Thank you! That is an excellent idea.
We are actually in the process of building a portal for hotels to log in and post their accessibility data and images to back it up. This information will then be linked to our booking engine where you can see the hotel’s accessibility checklist with room images and compare it to user reviews for the same property. We will keep you posted on our progress and let the community know when this is live to encourage properties to list the features they have available.

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I also have had problems booking an accessible room. I have used which said the motel’s accessible rooms had 2 queen beds. Upon arrival, we found the room had only one Queen bed. The person on duty at the desk said they have problems all the time with third party booking sites having incorrect info. I did complain to
We have a driving trip planned from Arkansas to Maine. After the above problem with booking, I called all of the motels directly to confirm accessibility. A lot of trouble, but necessary if certain accommodations are required.
Just a note, I also travel with a folding Walker which can be used as a frame around the toilet.