Hotel chains with bidets

From a community member:

Does anyone know if there any hotel chains that offer hotel rooms with bidets?


I’d love to know as well! We bring a small battery powered one for my son but it’s nothing like at home.

I’ve been searching and have yet to find one. Will continue to search! They seem more common at rental homes and not hotels, unfortunately. I found this comment from another site:

You might find such in specific rooms, but not likely in all.

For instance the Hilton Financial District in Asian Francisco, has the Toto computer-controlled toilets in 2 of their Presidential Suites, but not in the other suites that we have stayed in.

Our suites in the Hay-Adams, the Jefferson, the Wardman Park Marriott, or others have had either a big Toto, or toilet, but that does not mean that suites a level, or two up, in those hotels do not.

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Hi Everyone, It’s Pinky :fairy:; one of your Forum Moderaters. Oh I am soooooo with you on this desire when traveling; I’m literally paranoid about not having one like I do at home when I travel. I’m going to have to concur with the comments my colleague Emily posted. Unfortunately in the United States, I have only found them in a few higher end hotels (i.e.: Ritz Carlton, St. Regis, Four Seasons); and sometimes in the occasional larger suites at nicer chain hotels (i.e.: Marriott, Hilton).

However when traveling in Europe, I tend to find them more often; especially in the 3 and 4 star category hotels (and not just in suites). I think it just comes down to cultural norms and unfortunately bidet’s went out of style in the U.S. decades ago. It’s only very recently that people have started adding them back to their bathrooms now that they build toilets that do everything from warm your tushy to play music while you go. (That and they have already added every feature to their home spa’s…lol).

On a more serious note, I would be happy to see if I can find a hotel for you, if you could provide me with a couple cities you’re interested in visiting? Not guaranteeing they will have them, but I can see at least what I can find.

If it is of any help and you haven’t already exhausted trying the different Portable Wash Devices to simulate a bidet when traveling; here are a couple of the better ones I have found and take with me on some trips:

Culo Cleen: The advantage to this little device is you can attach to most water bottles. So compared to the devices with the small water tanks, you can attach this to larger bottles and not have the headache of continually refilling while using (if you know what I mean).

Wonder Spray: Full Disclosure; I have not tried this one yet as it is a brand new device coming out, but did catch it on Kickstarter and sounds like it has promise. Especially compared to some of the other battery operated portable devices that barely spray the water with any pressure.

Happy Bottom Washer: Ok, so yes it is a squeeze bottle one; however it has a much larger water tank then most and a better nozzle for aim and putting away for travel. They do sell on Amazon with Free Returns if its not your thing.

Hibbent Portable Power Washer: What I like with this one is that you can attach the power wash part to most water bottles; also giving you the ability to have a larger water reservoir to avoid refill issues.

My PortaWash: Now this one is a little different then the others. This is more of a porta wash sprayer (and comes with a shower sprayer nozzle too) that works with whatever size water source you provide it. The original model came with its own collapsible bucket that you would fill, but now it looks like you have to purchase one separately (plenty of different sizes on Amazon under "collapsible bucket". We also tried filling a sink as a water source and wanted to try filling bathtub, but was too far away from toilet.

Ok, I apologize this isn’t exactly what kind of answer you were looking for; but wanted to try and provide you with some other options in case we can’t find you a hotel with a bidet where you want to travel. Please get back to us with some locations you are interested and will do some research for you on those. Hopefully we can make traveling a little less complicated for you too. There is always a solution.

Hang in there, we’re at your disposal,
Pinky :fairy: