Hotel said they had recliners in the ADA room but didn't - how to avoid this?


From a member of our community:

Last week we were staying in Columbus Ohio , and when I booked a room at a Hampton in I was told they had recliners in the handicap room, I asked the booking agent twice and he said yes we have recliners. When we got to the room there were no recliners, how can I avoid this problem in the future?


I’ve found that the only way to find out if what you want in a hotel room is available is to call the hotel itself. I usually look for the lowest price online and then find the local phone number for the hotel and call them to verify the information. A booking agent does not really not any specific details. I know that it is more trouble but the upside is that sometimes they also have an even better price than the one found online.


For what it’s worth, I also need a recliner. We usually stay at a Candlewood if we can find one, but even a few of those don’t have one, and we’ve found some at Choice Hotels.
People at hotel call centers often don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. After calling those operations, we’ve been booked into “ADA” rooms that are nothing of the sort. We have learned to call the hotel directly. Not only do they usually have a better idea of what’s there, they may give you a better price – we need a roll-in shower, which is (strangely) often not provided in ADA rooms.
For now – complain on social media and by contacting customer service (usually a toll free number). When this forum started, I asked if they’d include recliners in their lists, perhaps this will be a spur to do that. Any of us who are looking for that need to know.


My only advice is once you have booked the room through a 3rd party then call the hotel direct to confirm that the 3rd party was correct in any matter.


I would love a listing of recliner options! My husband needs accessible bathroom and ideally will sleep inclined, so that would make traveling easier for us!


First. When you get the email for the survey be sure to complain and explain. Letting them know of the hardship and difficulty it caused you. You did not say how many nights you stayed.

I have not stayed a Hampton Inn that I never got a survey email. My wife and I almost always stayed at a Hilton Hotel. That was until I lost over 250,000 points. We were saving them up for a Honeymoon we never did take. And well, I did not know that you could lose them.

But I have had several Hotel managers offer us points or another stay, I even was reimbursed once.

We have found the Holiday Inn very competitive, and we have found the La Quinta’s the cleanest and friendliest chain we have stayed at.

May only other question would be did you go through Hilton Honors to book the room. If you did you should have no problem. If not that is where it says in the little tiny print the agency is responsible.

God Bless



Many hotel chains use a central booking line so the agent has likely never been to the hotel you booked. Some chains have an ADA booking specialist so you can ask to be transferred to them. Even then, you need them to call the actual hotel just to be sure or
better yet, have them transfer you or call yourself. You also need to make sure they put a notation on your reservation that you absolutely need the amenities in the accessible room so they don’t give it to someone else. Then make sure you call the hotel about
a week before just to confirm. Yes, it’s such a pain to do this and it shouldn’t have to be so much trouble but it prevents problems upon arrival.