Hotel with the ability to recieve dialysis equipment near the Grand Canyon

Question from a community member:

This summer, my family would like me to fly to a city near the Grand Canyon and book a hotel where I could have my dialysis equipment sent and fly back after a couple of days. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

We posted this on Facebook as well and received two great responses!

From Monica: I stayed at the Grand Canyon hotel in Williams Arizona. I also stayed at Little America in Flagstaff. That hotel had the most fabulous handicap accessible room I have ever seen!

From Lisa: We flew in to Phoenix. Stayed at the Drury inn in Flagstaff one night and then a hotel in tusyana AZ. The hotels in tusyana are all good options from what I saw. We picked the Grand Hotel which is overrated! The Drury inn was really nice. All accommodated our accessible needs with the wheelchair.

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How exciting! You’re going to LOVE the Grand Canyon! What an experience. Thankfully, you’re not going to have any problems with your Dialysis equipment for this trip. I wanted to help give you some hotel referrals that are actually in the park, so you can get the whole experience of staying there (and not have to drive back and forth from Flagstaff or Vegas).

Now I know you did not request specifically needing an Accessible Room as well, but just in case you did need or one (or if one of our other members who may need this info as well for their stay in the Grand Canyon); I made sure to make note if I verified them having them:

  • El Tovar Hotel - The only luxury lodge “inside” the park and has a great history. They have standard and deluxe ADA rooms on the ground floor, since the historic hotel has no elevator.

  • Thunderbird Lodge - Historic Modern Style hotel right next to El Tovar. They list a Standard King ADA and a Standard 2 Queen ADA with Roll-in shower (so guessing the other isn’t?). Best to call and confirm.

  • Kachina Lodge - Built as a park expansion in the 60s, looks just like the Thunderbird. However, they only list a Standard King ADA room; so I am guessing no roll-in showers?

  • Maswik Lodge - This hotel just opened a whole new wing with another 90 new rooms. Both wings of the hotel have Accessible rooms of all types (Kings, Queens, Roll-in Showers, Kitchenettes).

  • Bright Angel Lodge and Cabins - The park’s budget option for lodging. I am not 100% sure they have accessible rooms, but wanted to make sure to share this option for you as the other hotel rooms can get pricey in the summer.

  • Grand Canyon Railway Hotel - (Outside the Park) If you stay here, you have to book a train tour too! They do have Accessible rooms, but you may need to call reservations at (800) 843-8724 to book as they don’t show up in online reservations.

  • The Grand Hotel - (Outside the Park) The only 3 star hotel in the are and with a rare heated indoor pool (worth it). They have Accessible room configurations of all types (standard, deluxe, king , queens, roll-in showers).

  • Best Western Grand Canyon Squire - If you like chain hotels more? This higher end Best Western has its own little 6-lane bowling alley and Indoor Pool; and ADA accessible rooms with roll-in showers.

  • Grand Canyon Lodge (North Rim) - The ONLY lodging on the North Rim of the park. Even though Accessible rooms do not show up on the room pictures, they do have 2 ADA accessible rooms; but I would contact reservations to find out what features the rooms have.

  • Marble Canyon Lodge (East Rim) - Largest lodge on the East Rim and was originally a trading post for the Navajo Nation. They do have ADA accessible rooms on their Accommodations page; however, not sure how to select in the reservation process? Best to call them to be safe.

    I hope this in addition with our Facebook member’s suggestions, help get you started with your search? If none of these are working for you, let me know and I will get you some more links. In case of emergencies with your dialysis equipment and you need to find the closest place to go, I found Davita Kidney Care in Yuba City, AZ (I’m sorry it’s 81 miles away) that would work.

Also, I wasn’t sure why you were shipping your equipment vs. flying with it; but in case you are having any problems with the airlines, you let them know you are aware of your rights to be allowed to travel with it if they try to deny you or make up rules that are fake.

Can’t wait to hear what you thought of the canyon and want you to come back and share with us how it went? Especially how you did with the hotel and the equipment? That will be so helpful for our Forum readers (and I’m dying to know too).

  • Have a great trip. :flight_departure:

  • Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

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