Hotels near Port Miami with accessible transportation

Hi Everyone! We are cruising out of Port Miami in October. My husband is a recent left leg amputee and I am trying to find the best hotels in the Miami that may offer wheelchair accessibility from airport and possibly to the Cruise Port. If not a hotel to cruise port, any suggestion for a 3rd party service.

It will depend on what you are using for his transportation. Is he at all mobile on his one leg? Can he do steps? If he can, then any transportation service will work. Many hotels have port transportation services that pick you up at the hotel and bring you to the port. Many will even transport a scooter. If he is in a power wheelchair, it can be more difficult, but doable. I am going on two cruises with Royal Caribbean. I get shuttle service to and from the hotel to the airport where I am staying, and then use the cruise line’s transportation service. If you need a handicapped van, then it needs to be set up in advance. By the way, if you need handicapped transportation and the hotel provides free shuttle, then they have to provide you with a handicapped van at no charge to you.

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He is newly amputee since November, but due to psoriasis issues on his inner thigh we don’t want him wearing his leg for all the travel, we are are flying in from Boston the day before (non stop) a full day in Miami and then cruising Carnival next day. He has a prosthetic that he can wear but trying to not live in it 100% while getting to ship so he doesn’t have any skin flare up. We had a hotel booked, I called them to talk to them about transportation and the girl was so rude and said they do not offer accessible van service, and her remark of “UM NO” I immediately cancelled. He can get around good with his walker and one leg, He can do some steps, I have assistance setup through the airline so that will be taken care of, but if I can get it arranged to not have to bring wheel chair with us and just have it available on ship it would be easier I think. Just trying to think ideas as this is our first big vacation in 14 years and first time with mobility issues

Since he is using a walker, you will be in good shape. Find a hotel that has free shuttle from airport to hotel. You won’t need a handicapped vehicle for a walker. We stay at the LaQuinta north Miami. They have free shuttle to and from airport. Since you are using a walker, it will be easy as long as you can get in the van. I don’t know what Carnival offers for port transportation, but may either pickup at hotel through a third party company or even go back to airport and get their transportation service. Have a great cruise!

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Thank you :slight_smile: I just want my hubby to have a great time and make sure I’m covering all the bases

I am sure you both will. I have cruised over 25 times. For me it’s the best way to go. Just for future reference, any hotel that provides free airport shuttles, have to provide you a free handicap shuttle. It’s a Federal law.

Yes I’m a cruise junkie, this will be his first one so I’m hoping he will get hooked too :slight_smile: I did not know about the federal law. Thanks for the heads up!

There are many federal laws to protect disabled people. There is ACAA for air travel and ADA for the USA.

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I ask for an accessible taxi. They have ramps and tue downs. I have found that most hotel vans do don’t have rsmos. I have never been able to get an accessible cab in Miami. Happy cruising!!

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Hi hi!! Emily here from accessibleGO. I love Miami! I’ve only been once, but had a wonderful time. I’m a beach junkie and it doesn’t get too much better (and more fun) than Miami beaches.

I definitely agree with @pehubby’s wonderful advice - of working with the hotel you’re staying at. If you are having trouble still with that, I have found a couple of options that could work.

Since he’s using a walker, you could just use Uber. I have a foldable power chair that folds to the size of a suitcase (ish), and I find that it fits in almost 100% of Ubers. Uber drivers are generally accommodating, and if not, I just call a different one. You could call one that sits 4 people v. 2 to attempt to get a bigger car where the 3rd row of seats folds down and you can put it in.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, I also found the below.

ART Transportation - they seem to provide wheelchair accessible vans and will shuttle you to and from your hotel to the cruise. They even have that specifically listed on the site - cruise transfers! There unfortunately isn’t any prices listed as far as I can tell…so I think you would have to email them to find that out.

Hi @tgamache80! It’s Patch from accessibleGO. We are happy to contact the hotels you are interested in to confirm the availability of all of your accessibility needs including accessible shuttle service to and from the airport and port. Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss further -

Granted this was 12-14 years ago, but we cruised out of Miami and stayed at a Holiday Inn through Kayak. We caught a hotel shuttle from the airport. If it helps, that hotel location had a chain restaurant very close to the hotel. That stay included a bus to the Port of Miami for our cruise. At the time I was using a knee cart. The bus driver had plenty of room to store luggage and mobile equipment. Everything went smoothly and we enjoyed our stay.I know many things have changed since then but worth checking out??