Hotels that are lift accessible

Again I almost got stuck away from home without a room. I made a reservation for a wheelchair accessible room and then called the hotel to verify that the beds are open underneath so my Rifton Tram portable lift work. Two days before our trip I called the hotel to make sure. Good thing ! Not only is there no wheelchair accessible rooms available, but I’m told all there rooms have solid platforms under them. I was able to get my prepaid reservations canceled and am told we will get reimbursed. What are the ADA rules for hotels? Just what ever is the most profitable? I was able to find another hotel that claims to have accessible rooms with beds with a regular frame. Wish us luck as we travel by car about 960 miles to Colorado.

Sadly, there are no ADA rules regarding beds in hotels. They are often way too high, and more and more have platforms instead of bed frames. A roll-away bed many hotels keep for extra beds in a room might work, but the folding frame might not have enough room for a lift to roll under.

Good luck on your journey and always keep checking with hotels, cruise lines, etc. that there is a ailBle the room you reserved. Safe travels


Jan I have this problem a lot. My husband needs a lift to get in bed and I always have to call ahead. Half the time the hotel personnel don’t have a clue what you are askig for. On one trip I called 27 motels before I found 2 on our route we could stay
at. The ADA rules say there needs to be a minimum of 17" toe space under the bed but most hotel/ motels don’t comply and no one makes them.

I was told to contact the State Attorney Generals office about this and I contacted them in 3 different states. I never did get a response.

Unfortunately unless things have changed there are no specific laws governing hotel beds under the ADA. I was severely injured back in 2001 because I was put in a “handicap accessible” room in a hotel in Cincinnati. After showering I attempted to get back into bed to dress. The bed was to high to make a safe transfer and I fell severely injuring my rotator cuff.

I always stay in Motel 6, they have accessable room even with a roll in shower, check them in Colorado. That’s my suggestion.

Hi you poor thing hope other hotel works out for you . Im on full time crutches and going to Hong Kong I have sent hotel an email saying I need a walk in shower with rails they say they have given me a accessible room . Im not sure how iI will go have looked into hiring wheelchair . Its always the unknown . Best of luck to you I will check my hotel before I go to Regards Irene xx

I have just discovered Springhill Suites by Marriott has the needs I look for in a room for my husband. Roll-in shower without a threshold, beds on frames, spacious rooms too. I’m excited cuz there are sometimes I feel bad leaving him home for most trips. Also, Candlewood Inn & Suites is a good hotel as well. The others seem to be hit or miss and it’s annoying. Hope this helps.