Hotels, why is there always an it's perfect "EXCEPT" when I travel


We traveled last weekend and stayed at 3 hotels, 2 Micro tel’s and a Hilton Garden Inn. The 1st hotel (Micro Tel) was perfect except, the shower hose was really short and impossible to use even in the roll in shower. The 2nd (Micro Tel) had really high grab bars so I ended up stuck on the john and needed to be rescued by my partner and there was only 1 plug at the bed so plugging in my APAP and wheelchair charger and phone charges and my partners CPAP was an issue in addition to the plug being just under the night stand and not reachable to me had I been alone. 3rd hotel (Hilton Garden Inn) Perfect except… The roll in shower had poorly installed tile so the entire bathroom ended up with water all over the place. I toweled up what I could and warned my partner so he did’nt slip and fall (he did). Now my partner and care giver is injured. Why is every hotel perfect EXCEPT?


We traveled in late September and early October on the U.P. of Michigan. 11 nights and had no real handicapped accessible baths. Half flat out lied as to handicapped accessible. I am tempted to report several hotels to ADA officials. No sure how much it would help. I would love to put some of the hotel managers in wheelchair and have them try to function. We have booked VBO in Tuscon with an actual roll-in shower room and 36 to 40 inch doors and a barrier free entry. Looking forward to visiting Tuscon.


Gary.grinwis: I just review all 3 hotels in the review section here. Hope you can do the same. It would be great to be able to come here and find ou t how someones stay was before hand


Wow these types of experiences are so frustrating. Thanks for sharing @daubenatha, and way to go on submitting the hotel accessibility reviews!! We hope such reviews will create a public benchmark for hotel accessibility. That includes the many very positive hotel reviews we’ve received too. :slight_smile:

As for the perfect “except” experience…

I think part of that is just the challenge of living with a disability. I know for me and my wife, we can check off all the boxes on our checklist, but when one piece of our “how we make things work for us” list is missing, it sometimes throws everything off. That’s our experience at least.

Don’t let it stop you from seeking out good times though!


I’ve travelled quite a bit and just when I think I’ve seen it l see something new that makes me scratch my head. It seems like every hotel has its own interpretation of accessibility. When a hotel is built or a bathroom renovated so the hotel can advertise it has an ADA room, the building inspector should certify that it meets the ADA standards. That’s the way it should work. Even if you take remedial action and win, your vacation is still ruined and nothing will change that…


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I have begun to ask managers to do a walkthrough before I checkout to show them things that are difficult for me in hotel rooms. At the best hotels they seem very grateful for this. I feel that if I don’t tell them they won’t know.


Thanks, I will remember that next time, still new at the travel thing.