Hotels with a recliner for sleeping or adjustable bed in Cincinnati

From a community member:

We are looking to stay at a hotel in Cincinnati in July and would greatly appreciate any recommendations for a hotel with a recliner for sleeping or an adjustable bed.

I do not know about Cincy, but I rent a mobility scooter and a recliner when I travel and will be in one place for a week. So far, both the scooter and chair are delivered to the hotel. The concierge is normally the person who recommends who to call but last month the hotel did not have a concierge but the manager did know who to call. Wishing you the very best.

I can echo Glorib’s recommendation. When we are staying in one area for a while, we rent a lift recliner for my husband. We may do the same thing for scooters next time.

As for beds, we’ve purchased collapsible back rests that fold flat for packing/travel. With pillows added, it should replicate a hospital bed’s torso area. We hope! If not, I will update here.

We have a really great thread on this from about a month ago! Making Hotel Rooms More Accessible A lot of great info.