Hotels with accessible rooms that have a roll-in shower in Greenville, SC

Hi Everyone, this is Sam, part of the accessibleGO team. A community member is traveling with her son to Greenville, SC and is looking for a hotel recommendation. She needs a roll-in shower with grab bars by the toilet for a 2 night stay in the coming weeks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

I used to travel to Greenville bery frequently to visit my daughters and her family and needless to say their apartment was not accessible and I needed handicapped accessibility including roll in shower as I cannot get over the side of a tub and I needed the higher toilet, etc. I always stayed at the Embassy Suites at Verdae. There are 2 E Suites but I used Verdae because I didn’t want to fight downtown traffic. I guess I was there about every 4 to 6 weeks. It reached the point the front desk personnel as well as the wait staff and the bellman and the breakfast cook, etc., knew me by sight. This was all pre-Covid. They were always so kind to me and accommodating. One trip I checked in and the young woman on the desk said " oh dear, we don’t have a roll-in shower suite for you. The manager happened to be standing there and asked her to repeat what she had just said. He then told the young man standing there to make new keys for this gentleman who had just checked in and to move his things to a different room. He got on the phone and explained they had put put him in a suite with roll-in shower and seeing as he was not physically handicapped and did not need that accommodation he was asking him to move to room xxx and bell staff was on their way to make that move and he was giving him a discount on the room for his cooperation. The guy had literally just gotten on the elevator as I checked in. They had housekeeping check to make sure all was still clean and put me in that room. Now thst is good service. The mabager hosts a reception esch evening around 5 and yiu get munchies avd cocktails, wine, beer, soft drinks, whatever your choice. Also each morning they have a beautiful buffet breakfast plus they do eggs and omelets and waffles to order. Both the reception and the buffet breakfast are included at no extra charge. They have a lovely restaurant and some really yummy food. I fell in love with their lamb chops and their steak, both on the dinner menu. Burgers and hot dogs were super on the lunch menu. It is adjacent to a beautiful golf course but I don’t know any details about that. During tte givjtail reception I wiuld ydualky dut snd rwad my Kindle as I sipped on my drink. I gsd a wsiter thst wiuld dkwsys wsnt to getvmy ftink fir je because you just went to the bar and stood there to get bartender’s attention so he insisted on getting my drink. He refused to let me tip him. On one occasion I pulled a few 1’s out of my purse and he told me to put them right back and I told him they were not for him but would he be so kind to tip the woman at the bar and he did do that.

I eventually relocated 4 years ago and now live in Greenville. I have been here 4 years and am always lecturing someone on how to do and what to do. My 2 kids felt with my age and physical limitations I needed to be close to family. Any other questions give me a yell.

Kitty Wright


That sounds like a lovely experience, Kitty! I’m happy to hear that they were so accommodating during your stay.

Thank you so much for your recommendation, @marshhatter!!

Thank you so much for this information! Greenville looks like a great place and I am excited to visit. I checked out the Embassy Suites and the Verdae location is completely booked! I really appreciate you sharing your experience and I hope I find as nice a place to stay!