Hotels with Hospital Beds

From a member of our community:

Are there any places out there that have hospital beds available? My son needs the head elevated and the side rails.

I am interested in answers to this. We travel but now use backrests and pillows to simulate a hospital bed for my husband. Not nearly as adequate a solution.

In our area of Pennsylvania we have a Home Health Care business. That where we got our daughter bed. It is electric and has handrails at the head of the bed and the bottom. They also have manual beds.

We have the same issue. Right now we take portable bed rails and use a bed wedge. Definitely not ideal.
We have heard that some hotels are starting to offer hospital beds, but have not found any yet.

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Contact your hotel. Some hotels will remove the bed and allow you to rent a hospital bed from a med supply company.


Hi Emily,
Is there any way you can ask that member where they need the bed? I can usually find an agency that rents the beds and a hotel that will accommodate them. (as long as they don’t want to go to the Maldives or Monaco).

Thank you, Emily.

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