How accessible is China for mobility disabilities?


Hello, my name is Vicki. I am 50 + years old. After ~20 knee surgeries I have had both knees and both hips replaced. I struggle with chronic pain and fibromyalgia along with severe osteoarthritis. I have found it extremely difficult to travel because walking isn’t an option. I look foreword to checking out this site. Maybe I can get some motivation to travel again. One place my husband is dying to go is China. I have heard horror stories about disabled access and such in China. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Disabilities that can’t be seen

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Hi @vm56715. Here’s a first-hand account of wheelchair access in various areas of China from 2018.

I found the author going into very good detail about his experience.


The China hot spots for tourism are not very wheelchair friendly if you are solo. Some can be navigated if you have someone STRONG with you for assistance. The outer perimeters are all fine but most places haven’t been modified at all. Do research on each individual location! Folks with canes and crutches will be fine