How do I obtain a lightweight sport chair?

Hi there! My name is Rachel and I am new here.

How do I obtain a lightweight sports chair? Thank you!


I am also interested in obtaining one that has push from behind with hand brakes there also. I plan to participate in a 5k and have ms. I can take a few steps with an assistive device like a rollator. I need a sport wheelchair that I can walk behind to take a few steps. Then I can sit down and propel myself with my hands but if my hands give out I want my friend to be able to push me while she jogs.

You can buy one yourself from a dealer but they do tend to be pricey, depending on the features and what sport you are looking to participate in. There are plenty of places online that sell them, for example


If you are interested in having insurance pay for it, that probably won’t happen but sometimes it is possible if you have a wheelchair evaluation performed by a Physical Therapist. Google “Wheelchair Clinic near me” and something should pop up. Rehabilitation hospitals run wheelchair clinics on a n outpatient basis