How much money does it cost to go and travel with my mom and dad

Hello my name is Justin,

I was wondering how much it would cost to Point A and Point B with my 36 inch wheelchair and can you recommend what airlines is the best for my motorized wheelchair thank you so much.

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Hi Justin it depends on what is the airport near you and where you want to go the website Tripadvisor might be a good website to start with reading about different places so you can learn about places you might like to travel to then after you find out where you would like to go then you can read about airline prices or packages that include hotel and airfare

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Hi Justin! Emily here from accessibleGO. Like @goldieedwards56 said, it definitely depends on where you’re going / how long. We can always find more specific info too!

Flights these days in the US are ~$250/per person on average. Transportation throughout the airport, like having personnel help you out is free. Google flights is a great price indicator of how much its going to cost.

The airline question is a good one… all airlines in the US allow power wheelchairs so it’s really about what flies to your destination. I would say Southwest and United seem to have the best customer service from what I’ve seen but that doesn’t mean other airlines won’t be a good choice.