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How to get parking placard for trip?

From a member of our community:

Hello, I am traveling from Denmark to Las Vegas with my elderly parents and my Dad has had a double hip replacement and uses a walker. I am renting a car to make the trip easier, but how can we get a disability placard to park? Thank you very much

I’m from Canada, and I just take my Canadian handicapped placard and use it in LV. No problem! BTW LV is a terrific place if you’re handicapped- very accessible!

I’m pretty sure that a placard from your state should be good anywhere in the country. You might check the Nevada state site regarding disability tags and my what’s ok there.

Check with the Concierge at your hotel and also the manager at your car rental place.
One or the other should be able to arrange a temporary placard.

Your father’s doctor would have to complete the form permit the highway registration department in whichever state of residence