Hoyer lift at a hotel in Branson, MO?


From a member of our community:

Hi. I have been a wheelchair user for 40 plus years. Up until 2016, I had only basic accessibility needs. In 2016 my health declined and I use a power wheelchair and hoyer lift. Can you tell me if there is a way to get a hoyer lift to use while I am at a particular hotel? I was wanting to try Branson, MO because I need somewhere fairly close. Thank you.


https://www.scootaround.com they rent all sort ot things — and will even set it up at the hotel for you


Im in a powerchair as well and Branson was amazing we were there last summer. The Titanic Museum was super accessible as was most everywhere we went. You’ll have a great time


Most towns and cities in the U.S. have medical supply companies that rent hoyers for a week or a month. We haven’t tried Missouri yet, but we’ve been able to locate medical supply rentals in several other cities. Here in Southern California, most hoyer rentals are delivered to the hotel in advance of your arrival. You just have to be sure the hoyer lift legs fit under the bed. That means no platform beds in your hotel room. Only beds with legs will work. Sometimes in a crunch that means you might wind up with a fold-out couch-bed. Less comfortable, yes, but most have legs.

The other option we bought a portable, foldable lift with self dolly that we check on the airline just as we do David’s wheelchair. At least a few companies make portable lifts. Please feel free to write of call if you have specific questions.

Happy trails!

DAVID Rector and ROZ Alexander-Kasparik




If you contact the hotel directly they may have a DME company that will deliver a Hoyer Lift to the hotel.