Hoyer Lift - Hotels and Cruises

From a community member:

My wife is completely disabled with MS. I am no longer physically able to manually transfer her. I have a Hoyer lift. Do you know of any hotels or cruise ships that have “Hoyer lift compatible” rooms or cabins and also provide one?

I am a travel consultant and also use a mobilty scooter. The major cruise lines (Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Holland America, MSC, etc all have accessible rooms with accessible bathrooms (roll in showers with a bench) and can accommodate wheelchairs and hoyer lifts. I had a client that sailed Royal Caribbean and uses a large power wheelchair (chaired weighed over 250 lbs). We got him an accessible room and through Special Needs at Sea rented a hoyer lift which was delivered to the stateroom. We also arranged a transfer with Royal Caribbean from the airport to the ship with a special van for my client and his wheelchair together with his wife and of course luggage. This all takes very careful planning but can be done. I have one comment, however, about Holland America. We were on the Nieuw Amsterdam and they have 2 kinds of accessible rooms with roll in showers. One is very small and in fact should be called a walk in shower with a bench as I could not get my scooter into the room. I do have reasonable mobility for short distances so our cabin steward stored my scooter at night and charged it for me and then delivered it back to me in the morning by parking it in the large elevator lobby which was just around the corner from our room. You need to ensure when booking an accessible room that it can accommodate both the wheelchair and the hoyer lift… One more comment… the newer the ship the more it has been fitted to accommodate scooters and wheelchairs. I hope this helps. Cruising is a great way to travel when you have mobility issues.


I am a high level quadriplegic and have a power wheelchair. We have both brought our own hoyer and rented one on the ships. We’ve been on many cruises. They are awesome for someone in a wheelchair. I highly recommend Royal Caribbean. I would also recommend going on the newer ships. They’re going to be more accessible. We are going on celebrity in January so we’ll see how that one goes. I imagine it will be good since it’s a step up from Royal


Thank you for this information. I haven’t been on a cruise in over 16 years. Both my daughters are severely disabled. I didn’t think I would be able to take them on a cruise with me but now I’m thinking maybe I can.